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Instagram Turns It Up a Notch

The upgrades continue! On August 7th, Instagram announced some new additions, including a video feature that will allow for its app users to upload videos previously taken on their smart phones (you can finally post that video from last year of you going skydiving!). As simple of an upgrade as

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The State of the Internet

An interesting and eye-opening video that I found on my favorite website, jess3.com


Designer and purveyor of artistic brilliance Jesse Thomas, founder of JESS3, created this video for a lecture  given at the AIGA Baltimore in February 2010.

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how to make a viral video

1 notorious politician + 1 socially unacceptable action + video camera

Here are two of this week’s examples:


and this one


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The age of HD video is here.

Just like the next guy I am infatuated with new technologies. The new fad of the portable HD camera like Kodak Zi8 or a FlipCam is just unbelievable. Video cameras are no longer used just for documenting family events anymore.

If you go to YouTube these days, you will find a

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Just Say No – To Sexting

The media’s new favorite word? Sexting. Over the weekend, I saw 5 news stories that had something to do with the general message ‘Sexting is Bad.’

Whether you do or you don’t agree; this “Give it a Ponder” video is worth checking out.


Who loves James Lipton?

I do!

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Scoops on YouTube Direct

Scoops Here.
Who but Scoops to give you the SM version of the latest reports out there! This just in…YouTube is taking citizen journalism to the next level with YouTube Direct!
Now anyone can be like Scoops on YouTube Direct with their iReport-style which they describe as “a new tool that allows media organizations

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