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“Your move, Instagram” – Mobli

Move over Instagram. There’s a new photo-sharing app in town and it is bound to change the game in the already revolutionary photo-sharing app marketplace.

Mobli is available for iPhone users, Android users and even you loyal Blackberry users out there. (Instagram is not available for Blackberry users at the moment.)

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A-Twitter “Thank you very much”

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

I’m sure my most astute and loyal readers (or just my mom) will remember my last Twitter post, and yeah, I was a little harsh and down on the tweeting trend. (For the rest of you, here’s the link if you want a refresher). Today, I’m

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Apple Introduces iPhone 4, Mayhem Ensues

“This changes everything. Again.”
During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference held last week, Steve Jobs (re-)introduced the world to the new iPhone 4, set to be released on June 24, 2010. According to Jobs, the latest incarnation is “the biggest leap since the original iPhone,” and with over 100 new features and an overwhelming

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