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Facebook Credits Gift Cards

According to an article on USAtoday.com, Facebook is coming to a Target store near you!

Starting on Sunday, Facebook Credits gift cards will be available in values of $15, $25 and $50 at all Target stores and at their website, Target.com. Rumor has it that two or three other major retailers

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Tracking Social Media Trends

I stumbled upon this nifty device that is very easy to use and offers a quick glance into your target audiences’ online behavior (and it’s FREE). It’s a mini tool that was recently launched by GlobalWebIndex. It is a “lite” version of the GlobalWebIndex Wave 2 (available only to GlobalWebIndex

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The Death of the Rolodex

Before social networking sites like Facebook, synchronized address books, and smartphones (iPhone) everyone had to memorize and organize thousands of contacts. Or have a Rolodex!

There were the people who stapled cards onto the Rolodex pages (that’s me! Storage for my business cards!) and people who hand wrote all the information.

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Will Social Media Change Television?

Social Media has created a place for customers and consumers to express their thoughts and opinions about brands, products, services… anything, you name it! Now it’s becoming a platform for viewers to express their love and hate for network programming.

According to Mashable.com, NBC is revealing a brand new network loyalty program

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Now you can Follow us on LinkedIn!!

written by: Rachel Lagesse

In case you haven’t heard or noticed yet, LinkedIn is now offering a new feature, “Follow Company.”  This new feature allows users to get notifications about activity happening from the companies they follow.

This new feature is along the lines of the Facebook fan page, but instead of

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Social Plugins into Online Shopping

Many companies have integrated social media into their advertising campaigns. The Levi’s brand however, is the first to introduce social plugins into their online shop. By doing so, Levi’s has created a “social shopping experience.”

Online shoppers can choose to “shop socially” and customers can share Levi’s products with their friends,

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What’s your reputation worth?

The measure of your reputation is what you do plus what others say about you. You can manage your reputation and even influence it by the things you do or choose not to do. However in the end your reputation is not decided upon by you. Reputation is earned.

Here are

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