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The State of the Internet

An interesting and eye-opening video that I found on my favorite website, jess3.com


Designer and purveyor of artistic brilliance Jesse Thomas, founder of JESS3, created this video for a lecture  given at the AIGA Baltimore in February 2010.

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Looking to hire?

Are you looking for the perfect candidate to fill an open position at your company? The same old recruitment not generating worthy candidates?

Try using LinkedIn! Reports show that LinkedIn has over 60 million professional profiles scanning over 200 countries. I’d say that qualifies it as a resourceful place to look.


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Will Projo.com start charging its readers?

The Providence Journal has made its articles available for free on Projo.com since the site debuted in October 1996. However, according to the Providence Business News, Projo.com readers will soon be required to pay for some of its stories. The Journal will soon begin selling an electronic edition that will

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The Time is Now.

One of the top ten trends for 2010 is real-time web and it is expected to get even bigger and more essential to our online experience. It is being used in social networking, search, and news sites. It is the exploding number of live social activities online, from tweets to

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Great tool – Alltop

I stumbled across this site and thought it had a great point of difference. Instead of just answering a question like “How many Twitter accounts are there?” they drill deeper and answer the question, “What are the profile of Twitter users?” They do this by collecting the headlines of the

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