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Apple Introduces iPhone 4, Mayhem Ensues

“This changes everything. Again.”
During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference held last week, Steve Jobs (re-)introduced the world to the new iPhone 4, set to be released on June 24, 2010. According to Jobs, the latest incarnation is “the biggest leap since the original iPhone,” and with over 100 new features and an overwhelming

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Apple to debut new iphone.

Currently the iphone is only available to AT&T subscribers but rumor has it that Apple is planning to debut a new iphone this summer.

According to the Wall Street Journal,  Apple is working on a new iphone that will be designed for Verizon Wireless, AT&T’s biggest competitor. The new iPhone would

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Are you on that phone, again?

Those of you who regularly read my posts (are there any of you?) would know that I am an NPR junkie. This morning I heard a great piece on the prevalence of young blacks and latinos using mobile devices. When I went online to hear it again (I said junkie), I

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MiFi: the ultimate wifi sharing!

As I was surfing Boston.com this morning, I ran into this: MiFi. WhatFi you ask? MiFi, offered by Verizon wireless, Fuses 3G cellular data with wireless WiFi router. Essentially, for all of the not-so-techie folks out the, Mifi means a small, lightweight, battery powered wireless device that can broadcast broadband

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Um Hello?

So I (Adam) went to get my hair cut last night. I checked in and the receptionist, who was no Pam Beesly, told me to “Have a sit over there.” I went “over there” and there were four people (3 women and 1 guy) already having a “sit”. As I

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