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Changes to LinkedIn cause some controversy.

Ah, the uproar of social media – even the slightest change to a network will cause huge commotion! We all remember Facebook’s attempt to change its privacy rules. Facebook users came back with a gabillion (is that a word?) negative responses to this change. Today’s victim? LinkedIn. They actually went

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Picking out a laptop.


Getting a laptop is a huge process these days, being that there are a gazillion models & brands. Personally, I have been using Toshibas & Sony VAIO laptops for last 10 years, and with the technologies improving every day it is hard to pick out a great laptop that will

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Facebook Update / Makeover

In order to keep up with new technologies and competition you must always improve. This time it was  Facebook had to do some upgrading. This is a brilliant move on their part, since people are always looking for different, better ways to communitcate. You can find out more here. Let

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