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Twitter or Facebook?

This is turning out to be a daily question we are asked. This post from @stevethornton should help demystify and answer the question. Remember there is no one size fits all solution.


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Which type of Social Media Adopter are you?

Obsessed and enamored with the technology, this individual is always adopting the latest social technologies. This individual is fickle with tools, won’t establish loyalty to websites, may move when they see colonists adopt the tool.

Example: Often experimenting with products in their beta stage, this person will quickly move on to

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Yankee Doodle Dandy

Pam & George had a fantastic meeting with the team at Yankee Spirits.

After a long chat about the state of local print media we discussed the opportunities that a social communications plan can provide a retailer like Yankee Spirits. (By the way, Yankee Spirits was Beverage Dynamics Retailer of the

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George conducts seminar on admissions marketing

On Monday, Strategis President George Irish conducted a seminar on Admissions Marketing, sponsored by the College Board. Local higher education admissions and marketing folks attended.

George presented with Roxbury Community College Marketing Director, Milton Samuels. The presentation went over the basics of college recruitment marketing with a special focus on implementing

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See what George has to say!

Our fearless leader made the Boston Herald this week!

Reporter Christine McConville writes “George Irish, president of Strategis, gave the highest marks to the Overstock.com ad, a respectful look at athletes and kids. …” Check it out! Here is the Overstock Ad

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