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Great tool – Alltop

I stumbled across this site and thought it had a great point of difference. Instead of just answering a question like “How many Twitter accounts are there?” they drill deeper and answer the question, “What are the profile of Twitter users?” They do this by collecting the headlines of the

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Losing… : < (

There is nothing we hate worse than losing. (Ok, maybe not getting the opportunity to fairly compete when you are well suited to do so.) Reason being we only compete when we have at least a 70% chance of winning.

We understand losing is a part of life and especially in our

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More with less…

More with less is the war cry of most Marketing professionals today. In today’s tight economic times marketing budgets are stressed to the max. If lucky your budget has stayed flat, but in most cases they have been slashed. And on top of doing more with less we are also

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Time well spent going niche…

Is it better to spend time and a significant amount of effort in landing your content on Digg or pitching smaller niche social media outlets? As everyone knows a placement on the front-page of the Digg could catapult you to uber SoMe celebrity status. But it comes with a cost

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