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Finally Updates to Facebook Events!


Scoops Here.

This is a very exciting update for Facebook and I thought I would share it with all my favorite socialmedialites out there. I am probably one of so many people who create events on Facebook and wonder–why doesn’t Facebook just let you take a list of invitees and transfer

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Facebook’s Search Toolbar Gets More Muscle

As Facebook balloons to over 250 million users, many voice their appreciation for Facebook’s small social network feel.  Unlike its so-last-year counterpart, MySpace, Facebook has successfully maintained a very personal feel, finding hundreds of ways to link the most relevant people, in the most relevant ways.
Even so, because Facebook has so

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Facebook – Short & Sweet

So Facebook has ‘accidentally’ disclosed that it has plans for a new site, dubbed Facebook lite. Unlike the current Facebook site, Facebook lite offers users a simplified, no-frills Facebook experience – eerily similar to Twitter, Facebooks biggest competitor.

But Facebook claims that its new chip-off-the-old-block is merely the manifestation of a

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