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The Year SEO Lost Importance…

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My colleague stumbled upon this post that I thought would be worthy of breaking news in Scoops world, even when taken with a grain of salt. Robert Scoble posted yesterday about shift away from SEO in regards to small business marketing. His reason–Because Google and Bing keep changing the rules so frequently, that they are  figuring out the real businesses that deserve to be on pages. Below is the video George Revutsky and Dustin Kittelson,  co-founders of, a search marketing firm,  that have been doing search engine and online marketing:


With social networking becoming more and more relevant in the same of SEO, I agree that business will have to continously change their methods which may ultimately lead to the demise of  SEO. Maybe not this year, but I am sure somewhere down the road.

Facebook Taps Yahoo

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With Facebook reaching 350 million users, their Connect platform has now been competing in potable identity moving beyond the best of them i.e.  Google, Twitter and MySpace.

Facebook  is getting a massive new partner for its Connect platform: Yahoo. Being the #2 search engine, this is not a bad gig. Yahoo announced today that it will be rolling out Facebook Connect on numerous Yahoo properties..that represents tens of millions of users worldwide, not too shabby.