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Losing… : < (

There is nothing we hate worse than losing. (Ok, maybe not getting the opportunity to fairly compete when you are well suited to do so.) Reason being we only compete when we have at least a 70% chance of winning.

We understand losing is a part of life and especially in our industry, but why give in to it. Accepting defeat shows a lack of urgency and drive. Its ok, we will get the next one. Despising it shows grit, determination and a we’re good even though you might not think so attitude. Your loss not ours.

So what does this have to do with Social Communications? A Social Communications Platform that is well thought out and executed can significantly help stave off the no thank you. It will allow you to frame a conversation that will highlight your strengths and minimize your weakness. It will place you in a position of being a thought leader not a thought follower. More importantly it gives you the tools to gage how competitive you actually are.

Turn your hate into love. Love of Social Communications.

Bored? Goby Search….


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Bored today? Inspired to learn about something new? Your prayers have been answered with Goby. Not just known for having the cutest dag gone fish out there, it is highlighted in Mashable’s Spark of Genius series, which highlights unique startups.

So here is the skinny on Goby…it is a search engine focused on exploring new things to do with your free time, from taking a unique vacation to a great idea for something to do on the weekend.

Goby is a highly intuitive way to find activities within your city or where you plan on going. Just select the type of activity you are interested in, enter in your city, and select a timeframe and Goby comes back with your options.

Not only is it easy to use, Goby is pretty comprehensive in which it searches multiple event databases (including Eventful and Yahoo!’s Upcoming) so you get plenty of results to fill your taste for adventure.

For things like music or performing arts, you can choose sub-categories, like music genre or dance. You can also define the radius of your results by entering in a custom address or zip code. Goby also searches things like hotels, hostels, and vacation homes, which make it a nice option for either the would-be-traveler on a budget or anyone looking to spend time in a particular location. 

 So go on and visit Goby!

NFL Blacked Out – What?


Why do all the suits and ties behind NFL always try to find a way to make a buck and ruin the game for the rest of us. I am not sure if you have heard the latest but here it is. “…if a home game has not been sold out within 72 hours of its start time, the game cannot be televised locally…” Really? As it is the economy has taken its toll on everyone, but why would you take out one of the few things that we all look forward to?

So the NFL jumped onto all of the complaints and said “they will be offering delayed replays (after midnight) of blackout games to viewers for free via” Well I will definitely not stay up and watch that, and by the time tomorrow comes around ESPN will give me all I need to know anyways.

To much research stating the obvious…

Over the last several months we have read well over 100 whitepapers, blog posts and articles all eventually coming to one conclusion. Social Networking/Social Networks are not a fad and are here to stay. News Alert!!! We have to steer the conversation in the direction of what our Social Networks might look like in a few years or how we will engage with them in the future. All we are saying is it is far too easy to comment on the obvious. Stay tuned for our predictions and watch out Nostradamus.

As the President gets back to work, I follow…


I’m pretty sure President Obama was reading national security briefings instead of sipping Pina Coladas poolside and reading Twilight, but at least the man got a much-needed vacation.  Sure, he played a few rounds of golf in between phone calls, took a bike ride (ahem without a helmet) and grabbed some ice cream with his daughters  before tackling the current health-care dilemma, but the man still got stuff done.   I enjoyed a working vacation too….well, less stress and more enjoyment for me than the President, but hey, I brought my laptop.
Not much is worse than that dull, gut-wringing feeling that appears on the eve of your vacations’ end.  Voice mails, emails, and new office drama eagerly awaits your arrival the next morning.  You try to push it from your head and enjoy the last hours of vacation but it persists, and slowly eats away at your care-free vacation mode and practicality returns.
But, in the era of iPhones, BlackBerries, and laptops that make it harder to relax and shut down for vacation — is that really a bad thing?  I’m not saying I put in tons of hours while away, but I could keep an eye on my email, hear from clients, and be forewarned of client problems or needs, making the transition back to the real world that much gentler. I’ll take checking in daily on vacation, rather than being blind-sided Monday morning. 
Bonus: it also kept my kids entertained while I watched the Red Sox (thanks Shark Tale DVD and Youtube) and my Mom too (thanks Nabisco Snacks for the plethora of games offered to shill your snacks).
Now I’m back…and it’s not so bad.

Shock Value of Advertising–Does it work?



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Do you ever see an ad and go “wow I can’t believe they did that!”? One of the most notorious users for this approach it PETA. Not shocking though, is another ad that PETA has recieved attention for recently.

A billboard suspended over Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, FL is causing more controversy.

It is part of a new campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals not out to Free Willy but telling people to stop eating so much and go veg.

Something you may not know about me is that I have been vegan for a year now–don’t judge me. Although killing animals could suck, I enjoy it for healthly diet.

With that aside, I would like to see if this type of shock value advertising that usually just makes people grab their pitchforks really actually has any effect. Like so many say any press whether good or bad is positive press. However, I do not see any person whether obese or not see this billboard and decide to drop the salisbury steak on their fork and go veg.

I think this type of advertising is great for conversation, but usually just that.

What do you think socialmedialites–does shock tactics work in advertising?



Kudos to Cupples: Adam Joins South Shore Women’s Business Network Board of Directors


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Hot off the press…Strategis’ very own Adam Cupples is now on the Board of Directors for the South Shore Women’s Business Network.

Advertising Guru by day, Director at night..this guy does it all!

Adam who became a member of SSWBN in 2007, is now stepping into a deeper role with the organization.

Adam is one of four new Board members and will work with SSWBN President Stacey Shipman to help direct the organization in its planning and operation for the next three years.

If you don’t believe me on this, here is what the President of SSWBN says:

“We wanted Adam not only to be a part of our organization, but also on the Board. He’s intelligent, insightful and has a unique perspective on doing business successfully in this rapidly changing and challenging marketplace. He brings a wealth of experience to every encounter.”

So Kudos Cupples! Keep on making us proud!




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On August 13th Scoops will be suffering a major loss of her beloved WBCN rock format. Don’t get me wrong, I do love New England Sports, but this is a tough pill to swallow. It was over 40 years ago that WBCN-FM retired its classical format and became a premier rock station that changed the way Bostonians listened to radio.

CBS Radio, that owns the station, decided to bag the rock station’s current format and replace it with a sports talk radio station called The Sports Hub, which will replace the music station Mix 98.5 FM, making it the third sports radio show in a the area. Mix 98.5 will then take its “modern rock, conservative format’’ to WBCN’s slot.

One of my biggest worries was losing my staple during the A.M. drive. I have been a dedicated member of the T.A.R.D. nation. Toucher and Rich began their run in June 2006 starting with afternoons. Due to their increasing popularity they began mornings after the exit of long standing morning show hosts Opie and Anthony. Luckily for me though, regardless to the fact that their show will not be the same packed with all the great shenanigans that I adore, I am still greatful that BCN decided to keep their loyal fans happy by keeping them a staple in the morning, which will now be on 98.5.

Personally, for me, WBCN was the voice for the local band looking for a break. They have sparked the careers of so many. I fell in love with my still all time favorite band the Bosstones, and think of great memories about great acts being promoted at the Middle East.

These will all be but memories, but I will still support the station with it’s new efforts.

I will end this ode to WBCN with a song by one of my favorites…


R.I.P. The Rock of Boston

SoMo? Social Mobile Media


The concept is quite simple. Why tell your friends what you are doing when you can directly show them what you are up to and where you are doing it. This is location based using the GPS in your phone that will identify where you are at and you can then mark that physical location – geotagging. Geotagging can be a sound bit or even a video. Some cool apps that can be used are GeoGraffit and Layar. What a great way to find out about a specific location. Now it’s time to meet each other where we are.