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“Pants on the ground”

No, I’m not quoting the unforgettable American Idol contestant Larry Platt, with his original song “Pants on the ground, lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!”

According to MSNBC, a billboard poster for Akoo jeans in downtown Newark, New Jersey is what’s coming down. The ad shows a woman kneeling in front of a man and facing the camera. The man’s jeans are unbuckled, and the woman appears to be pulling them off.

The billboard, which is located over a busy intersection, is getting a lot of attention and seems to have sparked some criticism from local community members. Some proclaim that the billboard’s use of an image of a black woman in a sexually suggestive pose in a city that is predominately black is inappropriate. The city’s Mayor Cory A. Booker commented on the issue of community standards and that the billboard isn’t the only that thing they should be concern with.

Billboards have caused controversy in Newark before but whether or not it is taken down, it has already generated tremendous attention. Considering the fact that the advertisement is highly visible with regard to traffic and population, the ad has already made its impact.

(This is funny, check out Jimmy Fallon’s version of the song, “Pants on the Ground.”)

The Time is Now.

One of the top ten trends for 2010 is real-time web and it is expected to get even bigger and more essential to our online experience. It is being used in social networking, search, and news sites. It is the exploding number of live social activities online, from tweets to status updates on Facebook to the sharing of news, Web links, and videos.

New developments have come together to make the web more of a real-time experience. Google introduced its “Latest Results Box” which brings live updates from Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and more into your search results. This offers searching for and finding information online as it is produced. In addition, there are a growing number of mobile devices such as the iPhone with full web browsers that enable instant transmission of messages and data.

So what’s so great about it? With real-time web you can learn the latest trends and the most talked about topics. It is great for learning about what people are thinking and saying about any given topic. It offers lowered barriers to content creation and immediate feedback. It is essential for brands to stay tuned in on these new “live feeds” in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Many brands are already taking full advantage of monitoring what is being said about them, and proactively answering their customers. There is a great benefit to be gained from the real-time web and it can have a positive impact on your business.

Are you LinkedIn?

Social networking sites are on the raise.  Now that it has become essential to stay connected to not only friends and family but also business partners and associates, LinkedIn offers the best means for doing so. With over 55 million registered users worldwide, it allows you to maintain a list of contact details of people you know and trust in business. It is a useful tool for posting your resume or displaying projects. It also allows you to research companies with which you may be interested in working with.

LinkedIn is working on a new browse panel that allows you to browse connections by their current companies, locations and industries. In addition, it allows you to search connections by entering their first name, last name or current company. This new feature will also enable you to browse new connections and connections who may have recently added a new connection by using the Recent Activity filter in the browse panel.

By providing useful tools like this one, LinkedIn makes it easier to find the people you what and need to connect with. So if you’re not LinkedIn, sign up and get connected!

I’d like to introduce myself…

Hello There. My name is Rachel Lagesse and I am taking over for Kristin “Scoops” Braga here at Strategis. Here are a few things you should know about me:

  • Bridgewater State College graduate, Class of 2009, Bachelor’s Degree Management and Marketing
  • I come to Strategis with years of experience in training and customer service.
  • I enjoy playing volleyball, rollerblading, and taking my dog Riley for walks.
  • I love sushi and could eat it everyday!
  • Born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts (Where you’ll find the BEST seafood restaurants!)

I am excited to learn all there is to know about social media and social communication. I am greatful for this opportunity to gain a good foundation of knowledge in the field. I look forward to my future here at Strategis.

The age of HD video is here.

Just like the next guy I am infatuated with new technologies. The new fad of the portable HD camera like Kodak Zi8 or a FlipCam is just unbelievable. Video cameras are no longer used just for documenting family events anymore.

If you go to YouTube these days, you will find a ton of these videos. People are shooting everything from video diaries to podcasts. Companies use it to sell products or services. Employees use them to show-off their working environments. They are easy to use and you can upload videos within minutes to any social networking site. As with any new technology, there are bigger and better models to get such as Canon 5D MK II. Why spend $4,000 when you can achieve similar, if not, the same results with a $200 FlipCam camera.

In a way, this is simply awesome.

FTC Imposes New Guidelines for Review-Bloggers

The Federal Trade Commission has implemented new guidelines that require full disclosure from bloggers in regard to any product they review that was received for free. These guidelines are a web 2.0 enhancement of their 30 year old rules for the use of testimonials in advertising. The guidelines address an issue some folks have with the credibility of bloggers versus news and paid content.

Any company that is doling out the free product will be responsible for directing the blogger to follow the new guidelines.

The blogging community is outraged as the new guide applies to bloggers and reviewers and not news publications and magazines. The bloggers feel as though this is just one more attack on citizen journalism.

Most affected? Probably the Mommy Blogger (by the way, have you seen our whitepaper on the Social Media Mommy?)

Want to read more? check out Joan Anderman’s article on

Dear Brand Manager,

Two words evoke the essence of your responsibility: Trust Agent. Not because Chris Brogan and Julien Smith say so, but rather from your customers calling for it.

Here’s the dirty little secret so-called social networking “experts” don’t want you to know: “US consumers are most interested in brands that keep them up to date and improve their knowledge. And they do not want brands to act like their friends.”

That admonition, “Americans Want Brands that Inform”, delivered by eMarketer Digital Intelligence, comes out of data provided by Lightspeed research. It’s telling. And there’s more:

Helping consumers keep up to date on topics that were important to them was also key, followed by being entertaining, becoming part of a daily routine, and informing consumers about the product and the company. Consumers were relatively uninterested in brands that tried to act like their friends.

Let me ask you, does your strategic communications plan provide your business ways to improve your customers’ knowledge? Keep up to date on topics important to your customers? Be entertaining? Become part of a daily routine? Inform consumers?

Be informing, build trust. Be trustworthy, build a market. Your customers demand information, shine a light.

[Strategis thanks guest blogger Critt Jarvis for this post; @crittjarvis]

Facebook you tricked me, again

FB New, again.

Now I have the live feed back, but when I logged into FB this afternoon I saw newsfeeds from yesterday. I was just about to start slamming my keyboard and mouse around, cursing the social network for not working when I needed (wanted)  it to and realized that Facebook was just updating its home page again. This time with the intention of making things easier.

The new Facebook home page is designed to show you first what it believes is most interesting, and weed out what it apparently thinks is boring. If you want to see what everyone has to say, click the new “live feed’ button above your update prompt. Relevancy… hmm… where have I heard this before?

Besides your boring friend’s posts, what else is eliminated? The highlights section on the right side of your home page. More room for birthdays and events – which Facebook says we wanted.  The previously named highlights items will now be integrated into the live / news feed sections (if it is interesting enough).

Facebook has also brought back newsfeed posts that pertain to what and who your friends become fans of.

Now if Facebook could really determine relevancy, they would just ban all the quiz results from my feed…

…especially from those “friends” who take them all day long…

Great tool – Alltop

I stumbled across this site and thought it had a great point of difference. Instead of just answering a question like “How many Twitter accounts are there?” they drill deeper and answer the question, “What are the profile of Twitter users?” They do this by collecting the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic. Give it a try.