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A little Spring Cleaning for your iPhone

While catching up on the latest social media news that I missed over the weekend, I came across this blog post on

If you have multiple screens of apps on your iPhone or apps that you don’t remember downloading or haven’t used in a while, then maybe your iPhone needs a little Spring Cleaning.

(Confession: I am totally obsessed with downloading apps on my iPhone…)

Consider these tips:

  • Trash the apps your not using – You can remove apps in one of two ways. Delete them straight from iTunes, where you’ll be given the choice to trash the files or just remove it from view.  Or, on your iPhone, by pressing and holding down an app and then pressing the “X” on the upper left-hand corner of the app in question (however, this will not remove the app from iTunes). You can always get the app again, especially if you’re leaving it on iTunes.
  • Organize your home screen – Since this is the easiest screen to get to in one click, the apps here must be optimized for your use. You can move anything on this page, including the native apps. You can even rearrange the bar at the bottom. Apps that go on the front screen should be the ones used most frequently and needed for quick access.
  • Categorize your apps – location based, productivity, finance, fitness, games, misc.

I found these tips to be pretty helpful. Even if your iPhone isn’t cluttered with tons of apps now… it’s a good thing to consider and start organizing before it gets out of hand.

Social Networking Maximization—Part Deux

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

Last week I wrote a post on Social Networking Maximization and asked my dedicated and fiercely intelligent readers to share any experiences with me on how these “virtual tools” have helped with relationship building.

One of my most loyal readers (besides my Mom… Hi Mom!) Brenna brought up an excellent point.  Many companies fall into this trap. Brenna commented:

 “I follow some businesses I like, only to find out quickly that they’ve set up a Facebook page or Twitter account because someone told them to, without realizing how to use it well. Posts shouldn’t be obligatory, but engaging. I think with social networking it’s not so much about getting your name or logo in someone’s news feed as it is really offering something of interest.”

EXACTLY!!!  Thanks Brenna for articulating the point so well… that would have taken me three posts to get the point across! When I talk to companies, the first, second, and third thing I say about social networking is content, CONTENT, C  O  N T  E  N  T!  

If you provide content that is engaging, educational, etc… people, comments, interaction and a magical relationship will follow.  Okay, maybe not magical, but you get my point…

Secondly, just because everyone else has a FB Fan page, Twitter, Blog, it doesn’t mean you need them all. Pick one and focus on it. Develop the engaging content that your followers are looking for and start the conversations, don’t just preach to them. 

You can find relevant content anywhere: whether it’s an article you read, an incident that happened at work, or a random thought you want to share. Go deep into using this “virtual tool” of choice.  Don’t start too big and spread yourself thin.  Pick one and run with it.

What’s your reputation worth?

The measure of your reputation is what you do plus what others say about you. You can manage your reputation and even influence it by the things you do or choose not to do. However in the end your reputation is not decided upon by you. Reputation is earned.

Here are 3 tips for managing your reputation:

  • You are your network! – You may have control over the details of your online profiles and photos but a few simple clicks may show that the profiles of your friends and family are not as secure. If you want to manage privacy, reputation, and your security to any extent, you have to think about those around you.
  • If you can’t delete, compete! – It’s always a good idea to ask people to remove embarrassing and inappropriate content about you, in most cases the best course of action is to make sure that YOU are the first and best source of information about yourself.
  • There an industry around “Reputation Protection” – Soon enough there will be services available to offer “the digital equivalent of tattoo removal.” A host of services to promise the safeguard of your identity and reputation online (like the services credit card companies offer for identity protection).

There is no doubt that more and more content about our lives is being published and shared online. Understanding how to manage your online presence is critical to sustaining your reputation.

How are you maintaining your reputation?

Dreams do come true!

Adobe CS5 First Look

How often is there a product that with every version comes a great deal of excitiement. There are few but one that comes to mind is Adobes CS5. With every version comes something new that just blows your mind away. I am curious what they have in store for us deisgners this time around. Some improvements I heard about were the paint tools & filters are nothing like before (simpler & faster), content aware filling (wow) and that is just


Cant wait to see what else they have up their sleves. Guess Monday, April 12, 2010 at 11am we will find out. I am personally looking forward Illustrator & Flash improvements. Let me know if there is anything you might have heard and would like to share.

Looking to hire?

Are you looking for the perfect candidate to fill an open position at your company? The same old recruitment not generating worthy candidates?

Try using LinkedIn! Reports show that LinkedIn has over 60 million professional profiles scanning over 200 countries. I’d say that qualifies it as a resourceful place to look. posted these five tips for using LinkedIn to find employees. I think you’ll find them very helpful in leveraging your LinkedIn profile and connections to find job applicants.

  • Build Connections – Whether it’s in the real world or the online world, it is all about who you know. Connect and build relationships with people from prior jobs, clients, and local companies that you do business with.
  • Join Groups – Looking to fill a specific position then join a group related to that field. Connections within that group may be able to recommend a candidate.
  • Engage with questions and answer – Joining a group is not enough. You have to engage with other members. Notice people who share your interests and interact with them.
  • Get (and read) LinkedIn updates – This is a quick and easy way to get recognized. This is a simple way to let people know what you are up to. “Looking for a Social Media Specialist. Know anyone who might be interested? All recommendations appreciated.”
  • Embrace Mobile – Keeping up with all the information on LinkedIn can be time consuming. The mobile application lets you check updates while you are on the go and away from your computer.

Are you currently utilizing LinkedIn to find new employees? Or have you filled a position at your company through the use of our LinkedIn connections? Please share you experience and knowledge!

Apple to debut new iphone.

Currently the iphone is only available to AT&T subscribers but rumor has it that Apple is planning to debut a new iphone this summer.

According to the Wall Street Journal,  Apple is working on a new iphone that will be designed for Verizon Wireless, AT&T’s biggest competitor. The new iPhone would work on a wireless network called CDMA, which is used by Verizon Wireless, as well as Sprint Nextel Corp.

What does this mean for AT&T? If Apple develops a new iphone then its exclusive U.S. arrangement with AT&T will come to an end. Their relationship has been critical to AT&T, helping to make the carrier the U.S. leader in the smart-phone market. According to comScore Inc., AT&T has over 43% of all U.S. smart-phone customers, compared with 23% for Verizon.

Apple and Verizon Wireless have declined to comment on the topic.

Will AT&T face new competition over the iphone from their largest competitors? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Designers Dream Machine


We all know that Apple computers cannot be compared to as a graphic design tool. One thing that Apple has not done yet is dual screens on a laptop, but Lenovo did. They have introduced Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds. It may not have the sleek and elegant look of an Apple or HP but its functionality is amazing. Just imagine the possibilities, Creative suite on one screen, controls on the other, internet on one movie on the other. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. This notebook comes with 17” screen and additional 10.6” for the second one. It comes with all the bells and whistles as far as the processors, hard drives and memory go. Couple things that could improve down the line would be the weight and quality of a second screen, but for a first generation dual screens this better than great.

Currently it is selling for $3,663.00 which is a little pricy but worth it in many aspects.

 In my mind this notebook is a great step forward in the computer world as well as a Dream Machine for graphic designers. Do you think something like this could overtake the Giant Apple?

Will start charging its readers?

The Providence Journal has made its articles available for free on since the site debuted in October 1996. However, according to the Providence Business News, readers will soon be required to pay for some of its stories. The Journal will soon begin selling an electronic edition that will be an exact digital replica of the newspaper.

With circulations declining, the changes for newspapers have been plentiful. The newspaper industry is undergoing a digital transformation and A.H. Belo, The Providence Journal’s parent company, is moving in this direction. The Dallas-based company recently announced it was exploring ways of charging for the content on its websites. John McKeon, president and general manager of The Dallas Morning News, A.H. Belo’s largest paper claims that “the introduction of The Journal’s e-edition will likely involve the limiting of some content on the general free website – specifically, unique content of value to people in Rhode Island.” Those articles “would only be available through a paid wall on an e-edition,” he said.

Not much as been stated on how much the digital edition would cost. A one-year subscription to The Journal’s print edition costs $416, compared with $806 for The Boston Globe or $770 for The New York Times.

The number of people using devices like Smartphones, Kindles, and iPads is continuing to increase. It’s because of these technologies that more and more readers are moving towards the digital editions of newspaper publications. They are easily accessible and readily available. Does this mean that readers will be willing to start paying for their news? Probably so. Readers see news as worth paying for. How do you read the news? Do you still pick up a paper on your way to the office? Or do you pick up your iPhone?

What happens to MySpace when bands move to Facebook?

This was my first thought after reading this Mashable blog post. We may be about to find out.  Check out RootMusic. According to their website “Finally Facebook had real bandpages.

One of Facebook‘s faults is the non-ability to share music. RootMusic bridges that gap, in a way that is better than MySpace‘s abilities. So cheers to you RootMusic, for putting one more nail in MySpace’s coffin.

American Idol and Social Media

Things are looking up after last night’s episode of American Idol. The talent is slowly starting to shine through. Viewers voted and four contestants were sent packing. John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamor, and Harley Vaughn were eliminated from the competition.

So what does American Idol and social media have to do with each other? This year American Idol has made headlines for pushing out individual Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts for each of its 24 finalists. However, the show recently made a drastic change in strategy by consolidating all of them under the AI9Contestants username across sites.

According to resources, Twitter followers of each of the individual contestants were sent a message explaining that from now on all updates will be posted on the Official AI9 Twitter Page, and fans can follow their favorite Idol contestants there. Similar messages were sent on Facebook and MySpace as well.

The Wall Street Journal and USA Today speculate that the move was likely made because of the tendency for social media site followers to reveal early favorites, influence voting, and possibly remove the suspense of American Idol’s ending results. A contestant with more Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and MySpace friends is likely to get more votes and thus would have a higher chance of winning the competition.

On the other hand, American Idol has made it impossible for contestants to develop important connections with their fan base, which is crucial to the business side of the industry. Viewers can no longer directly engage with their favorite contestants.  This change is sure to have an impact on the number of followers on these social networking sites. Will less people Twitter or post on Facebook  if they can’t talk to Crystal Bowersox or Alex Lambert personally??

Are you following your favorite Idol contestant via Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace? How has this change impacted your involvement on their pages? Tell us about it!