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Google AdWords

Top Google AdWords Reporting Systems

Online advertising is officially bigger than print advertising in the U.S. now, and that makes effective online marketing and advertising are critical to the success of an agency. Google AdWords is one of the most powerful tools that an agency can use to achieve that success. While AdWords can be very effective, it can often be very difficult to judge this effectiveness through the default report system. This is where third party programs come in handy. They can make the job of a marketer exponentially easier and aid in reporting back to the client. Here is an overview of four such programs and their strengths and weaknesses.

Zoho Reports

Campaigns – Impressions Last Month
Chart compares campaigns’ daily impressions in the last month.
Zoho Reports
Zoho Reports is a fairly straightforward reporting system. It takes the data from the AdWords campaigns and organizes it in a simple fashion. The data can be seen as a spreadsheet full of numbers, or it can be automatically converted into easy to understand graphs.

•Easy and straightforward to understand.
•Well organized data.
•Automatically converts data to graphs for you.
•Shows clear expenses.

•Only for analyzing Campaign and Ad Group level data. Nothing for specific keyword or ad performance.
•Does not do anything beyond giving the raw data. Does not perform any analyses or show comparisons to other campaigns.

WordStream PPC Advisor

$299/mo under $10,000.
$499/mo $10,000-$25,000.
$999/mo above $25,000.

WordStream PPC Advisor
WordSream PPC Advisor is software that focuses on analyzing data, giving it a relative score and offering advice for how to improve it. The program takes key components from a campaign such as Click Through Rate, Impression Share or Wasted Spend and shows how well your account is doing compared to other accounts. This is shown by both giving a direct comparison to this average and by giving each component a percentage score based off effectiveness. The big appeal of this program is that it gives advice on how to improve your campaign. Some examples would be suggesting you use more negative keywords to minimize wasted money or how to increase traffic and qualified leads.

•Good visual representations that compare your data to others.
•The score system lets you know just how well your account is going and what specific components are or aren’t working.
•Offers real advice on how to increase efficiency of many parts of a campaign.
•Has data that other reports are missing, such as the very significant Quality Score that Google itself uses to determine how relevant your ads are overall.
•Has keyword research tools.

•Relatively high cost that goes up based on how much you spend on your account. The program does have a free trial for those interested in trying it out.
•Comparative score system is not balanced by account spending. $15,000 budgets can be compared to $99,000,000 budgets so the score will most likely be skewed.
•Good for starting a campaign, but once the initial advice is given and used the high cost could become more unjustified as time goes on.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools
Raven Tools is much simpler and basic program than WordStream, but not without its merits. The program is best for those just looking for a faster and simpler way to organize and see their data without a need for any extra features or advice. The report that it makes has a heavy focus on keywords data and is presented in an organized table or graph that anyone could understand. It provides you with data such as visits, bounce rate, or average time on site for every single keyword used in an account. The program also boosts that it uses multiple sources for its reports compared to most programs that use just one.

•Straightforward and easy reports that will save you time of sifting through data.
•Large focus on Keywords and their data.
•Is built on an automatic system to save even more time.
•Relatively cheap cost.
•Uses many external data sources.

•Reports are not visually appealing and may want to be spiced up before being sent to clients.
•Unable to perform in-depth analysis, just see the organized data.
•No rank tracking options. Does not show how well the account is doing compared to others and offers no advice for improvements.


$99/mo up to 10 accounts.
$199/mo up to 25 accounts.

Additionly is a newer program and has a heavy focus on making the whole process of account reports faster and easier. This program has an easy system to create bright and vibrant reports with easy access to your data. Another cool feature of this program is that it has up to date notifications for any unusual activity in the account. There is an Explain feature that identifies the reason for any of these changes in activity and advises how to fix it. So, for example, if an account saw a considerable drop in clicks, Additionly automatically identifies the campaigns, adgroups, keywords and placements most responsible.

•Explain feature is a very useful tool to find and identify problems and their solutions.
•Creates daily simple reports to review the progress of an account.
•Visually appealing reports are made automatically and are very easy to share with others.
•Alerts let you know when something happens right away.
•Campaign performance is benchmarked automatically based on smart algorithms that take daily seasonality and the latest trends into account.

•The extra information and updates are good for smaller projects but can be too obtrusive the larger the project is.

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Is being viral effective enough for Dollar Shave Club?

Introduced last year, Dollar Shave Club lends many forgetful men a hand shipping out blades every month for as low as $3 per month (including delivery) to make sure that every man gets his face clean. The first video of Dollar Shave Club “ – Our Blades Are F***ing Great” gained 10.5 million views so far, winning Best-Out-of- Nowhere Video Campaign in 2012. And there is no doubt about it. According to Business Insider, advertisers need to bring out psychological responses – namely: emotions. They can be funny, warm, nostalgia, shocking, negative, and many more.

The first Dollar Shave Club’s video is hysterical. It embraces being funny, sarcastic, and honest. However, in spite of gaining 10.5 million views on YouTube, the company currently has 200,000 customers, which accounts for only 1.9% of total viewers. The bottom line is…? We can only guess because the company hasn’t revealed its total revenues just yet. But, considering how the company cuts out the middlemen from its supply chain, doesn’t use big celebrities in its communication, and relies on social media, the company has undoubtedly saved a huge sum of budget.

As we all know, more customer acquisition brings more revenues. Yet, we have to keep in mind that viral campaign is good at generating buzz and impressions. And within that impressions there could be intended and unintended target audience. If you have 10 million viewers, that’s great! But, it doesn’t mean that they will eventually become your customers. Some other kinds of marketing techniques like direct marketing and events may be needed to help gain more customers and generate more sales. Take Gillette W.A.L.S. campaign in 2009, for example. The campaign started by forming a group of women insisting men to shave. The campaign went viral on both social media and national media. And Gillette came in with shaving event and promotion. The result? The sales grew 500%.

About a week ago, Dollar Shave Club launched a video “Let’s Talk # 2” on YouTube, promoting its second product for men “One Wipes Charlie”. The video nearly has 1 million views. The product is available to add in the cart without committing to monthly subscription. We expect that the video will surely become popular again. But, will the viral nature of their marketing be effective enough to grow the business? We will have to wait and see.



Important Steps When Rebranding a Company:

Whether it’s because you made mistakes in your previous business, sales are low, or your market has shifted, it’s important to know the steps it takes to rebrand a company. You may not know what rebranding entails, but GUESS WHAT?! You will! So, without further ado, here are the important steps you should be aware of!

1. Be Ready For Change: Rebranding a business requires you to shift your way of thinking, meaning a clean break. You need to be open to adjusting the way you currently do business. After all, if you are only making subtle changes that aren’t apparent, then what’s the point of rebranding? Exactly, there is none.

2.Determine Who You Want To Be: Be clear about the problem you are trying to solve, so you can take the steps to figure out who you want to be. Why doesn’t your current brand fit who you are? What is the purpose of the business, and what are the goals? How do you want customers, staff and the industry to feel when they see your brand? How do you think you are perceived in the market place, and how do you want to be perceived? These are important questions you will need to answer.

3. Talk to People: You will need to ask your customers, employees, business partners and industry experts their opinion about your current company—it’s products, services, and brand. You will need to find out what they like and don’t like.

research-competitior4. Research Competition: First, you will obviously need to know who your competitors are. Ask yourself, “How do we want to be seen when compared to them”? What do you like about their brand? You will need to figure out what makes you STAND OUT from your competition. You will need to do both quantitative and qualitative research. Find out who your customers are based on age, location and gender. Rethink your customer base. It’s important to understand your market!

5. Create an Action Plan: Write down what is currently wrong with your business, how you want to fix it, and the timeline for implementing all these changes. Identify your niche in your market place. Identify who is going to manage this process. MAKE SURE YOU COMMUNICATE! Get employees to contribute because the new brand is going to touch everyone in the company. Be realistic with costs, and if you don’t have the resources DO NOT do it yet!

6. Inventory List: Make an inventory list of all the things you will need to update and change as your rebrand. You will need to change your logo, business cards, letter head, maybe your e-mail address and URL (if you do a name change), your website, and social media pages.

7. LAUNCH Your New Brand: You will need to set a date for an external launch. It is important to launch the rebranding internally first. Plan a “roll out” for all the items on your inventory list. Announce the rebrand with a Press Release and through social media for your customers, prospects, and local and industry news.

It’s safe to say, rebranding requires a lot of time, effort and resources, but it is sometimes necessary. Take your time, do it right and hopefully you have a good outcome!



The Things That Got Us Excited From South By Southwest 2013:

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences & Festivals that was held last week (March 8-17) in Austin, Texas, is an annual festival that hosts film, music and interactive technology. The music festival is one of the largest in the world featuring new artist, established artist and disc jockeys. The film category focuses on new directing talent with independent films as well as big-budget films. With the interactive technology conference, we see emerging technology from different entrepreneurs, which has earned SXSW the reputation of being a breeding ground for new ideas.

This year we’ve been waiting for “the next big thing” in social media, mobile apps and tech to emerge from the South by Southwest Interactive. Why you may ask? Well, some of the big powerhouses like Twitter and Foursquare came out of SXSW! This is a marketer’s fantasy land!

After much anticipation, we found that unfortunately there weren’t many new ready-to-launch so called “powerhouses” like we have seen in previous years. But don’t you fret! There are a bunch of interesting tech startups that are generating buzz, that have us excited!

First thing to excite us is Speakerfy, which is a social way to listen to music across devices. This app lets users wirelessly sync music between different internet-connected devices. It was actually a winner of the “Pitch Shaq” contest! This is a great app because not only does it allow users to link their playlists with others, but you can also sync up everyone’s smartphones, tablets and iPods to broadcast through the speakers! That comes in handy for a day at the beach or other gatherings where there isn’t an audio system.


The next thing that has us really excited is Hyperactive! This is smart, social promotions for brands. This is one of the best things to happen in marketing. Hyperactive’s “Hashtagart” application creates a real-time mosaic of avatar images collected from social networks every time a fan publishes a status with a client’s marketing message. This encourages people to share a brand’s marketing message in order to be included in the mosaic in a fun way. Also, the company says Hyperactive’s platform is able to measure the number of clicks and activations each social media message associated with a promotion generates. Now that’s smart marketing.

LeadRocket also caught our eye. This concept is basically a social tool for salespeople. It achieves this by improving the way business owners and their sales reps communicate with clients over social media. You are able to listen for feedback, monitor clicks and count page views for pages on your site that originated from those social media posts. This way you will know exactly when a customer engages with your tweet or Facebook post. Ding! Ding! Ding! This is a winner in my book!

Lastly, South by Southwest also featured great gadgets like Leap Motion’s motion controller, Ouya’s game console and Makerbot 3-D printer. We are eager for the future releases and marketing campaigns for those products as well! All in all, SXSW 2013 was another success for new interactive technology and social media and we can’t wait to see what SXSW Spring 2014 has in store for us next year! Be sure to check out the links of these new technologies to be just as amazed as we were.



Author: Courtney Fabiano




The New PS4 and Social Integration

By now you have probably heard that Sony has unveiled the new PS4, the first console to be released in 7 years! What you probably don’t know however, is unlike previous PlayStations, Sony has created the PS4 with a social integration twist. I personally feel this is a great selling point for Sony! In an era where social media is constantly growing, relying on mobile and “social spurs” is a must. Sony seems to touch on all social features from Facebook sharing to mobile app usage. Game users will be able to connect their PS4 profile to their social media networks, allowing them to share content with their contacts. The PS4’s menu screen recommends content to users based on what their friends are accessing and their previous purchase history. Pretty awesome, Right?



Another new feature is Ustream, which lets users broadcast their gameplay to friends who can offer commentary on the action in real time. Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment, CEO, America, says: “Our next generation console will change the way you interact with friends while you play”. I can agree they are definitely living up to that promise. The new PS4 also allows you to instantly share images and video directly to Facebook of your favorite game playing moments. All this can be done by the simple click of a button! This takes sharing content to a whole new level!

Last but not least, Sony’s new PlayStation App effectively lets users turn their smartphones into a second screen. Users can play the console game on their TV, while simultaneously using the PlayStation app on their smartphones to view a map or to see how their friend is matching up.


As you can now see, social and live interaction has become the core element of the PlayStation 4. And this is a great marketing tool to generate appeal. Hopefully Sony will have a successful buzz building campaign, up until the anticipated release in “Holiday 2013”.



-Courtney Fabiano







Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials of 2013


We all know that as New Englanders the Super Bowl XLVII was not nearly as exciting without our beloved Patriots. As I am sure most of you can agree, the hype and excitement was definitely all about the commercials. Okay, okay and the Super Bowl parties and of course beer drinking but for purposes of this post let’s go with the commercials. Here is a list of some of our favorite Super Bowl ads of 2013.

We couldn’t help notice that there seemed to be a theme with some of our favorite ads this year. Instead of the usual funny commercials that make us laugh, a couple mentionable ads went a more serious and emotional route.



Our First favorite ad that seemed to make quite the impression is hands down Clydesdale “Brotherhood” by Budweiser. Can you say tear jerker! Honest question guys, how many of you men out there teared up after viewing this ad? We know we sure did. In case you were too busy stuffing your face with chicken wings or chugging your beer and missed the ad, the tale was about a trainer and the bond he shares with the Clydesdale he raises who he later reunites with.

Our second favorite ad also drew a lot of emotion from viewers. Dodge Ram’s “God Made a Farmer” ad was quite captivating with the voice over of the late radio host Paul Harvey. This ad made you stop what you were doing and drew you in. It made me wonder where this ad was going. The only criticism I can say is two minutes for an ad is a little bit of an over kill.

Audi’s commercial “Prom” pulled at emotions by showing a teenage boy going to prom alone. His sympathetic dad lends him his brand new Audi S6 for the night. At the end of the commercial I was cheering for the teen when he kisses the pretty prom queen. Bravery at its finest folks.

When it comes to my favorite commercials that made me chuckle, Doritos toped my list.

Doritos “Goat 4 Sale” is just plain out there. A bearded man and a goat for sale that both love Doritos seems like a match made in heaven right? WRONG! Who knew a screaming goat could make us LOL (Laugh out loud).


fashionista daddy

Doritos “Fashionista Daddy” was adorable and humorous all wrapped up into one. The little girl bribing her dad to play princesses with her by using Doritos made me question where this ad would go. When the dad’s football friends walk in and witness their buddy all dressed up I knew right then and there this would be good. Dad’s out there don’t lie I’m sure you all would have done the same.

At the bottom of my favorites list was Taco Bell’s “Viva Young”. Let’s face it, anything with old men and woman acting out of the norm and running wild is hilarious, at least to people who have a sense of humor. Despite the catchy song being in Spanish, it didn’t disappoint. The one thing I can take away from this video is the inspiration that getting old really isn’t as bad when you can run wild.






Author: Courtney Fabiano

#HappyTechsGiving! An Honest Reflection of Our Favorite Online Marketing Tools

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we at Strategis have taken some time to reflect on the things that we are thankful for when it comes to online marketing. From social media management apps to online advertising tools, new developments in web technology have made our jobs much easier as the industry evolves. This is not to mention the innovative channels of communications that have completely changed the way that we interact with one another and with brands.

Although there are many different pieces of technology, apps, and tactics that aid in our day-to-day marketing efforts, we’ve chosen to narrow down our favorites to a list of five:

1. HootSuite:  A social media manager’s savior, HootSuite is a helpful tool when handling the social accounts of various clients. From Facebook to Foursquare, any major corporation or small company can manage and track their social footprint amongst followers. With this tool, you have the ability to schedule up to 200 posts across all social media accounts with just one click, in addition to analyzing the effectiveness of your social outreach. While there are many different social media management apps on the market, HootSuite has always been our go-to tool.

2. Google AdWords: When it comes to enhancing your clients’ online presence, Google AdWords are of great importance. The science behind Google AdWords lies in Google’s “contextual targeting technology”, which only displays your online ad to people are searching for content related to your offerings. You can also tailor your reach to target people of different demographics, from various geographic regions, and even during particular times of the day. This particular piece of technology, allows us to do a more efficient job at targeting the right audience for our clients’ messages.

3. Google Alerts: If you’re looking to keep track of news pertaining to your company or brand, Google Alerts is another useful tool. You can simply enter a query topic(s) and have Google scan and deliver web results as often as you’d like. This is especially helpful when tracking your online reputation and/or staying up-to-date about your competitors or developments in your industry.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is the process of increasing traffic to your website through search engines like Google or Bing. A number of ranking factors are taken into consideration when boosting your web search prominence including, page content, external links, and social media shares, amongst others. Given the immense amount of emphasis that is placed on a brand’s web presence, SEO is crucial to maintaining a prominent image online.

5.  Basecamp: For a marketing communications agency with many clients, Basecamp project management software is a must-have when it comes to organization. Keeping all project members in the loop, Basecamp offers an array of features including management of task assignments and sharing important documents and files.

As the marketing industry evolves and changes, we look forward to even more developments that can aid us in executing the most effective tactics for our clients. In the meantime, share your most favored online marketing tools in the comments below or via Strategis’ Facebook or Twitter, adding the hash tag #happytechsgiving.


…And of course, Happy Thanksgiving from all us here at Strategis… :)

Waiting For Those Black Friday Deals? Don’t Hold Your Breath…

As we approach the holiday season, everyone and their grandma is thinking about what to buy for their loved ones. From tablets to televisions, to cell phones and video games, most of this year’s hottest items come with a hefty price tag. With this in mind, you’ve probably convinced yourself that Black Friday is the best day to get out and get those deals. Freshly released data, may cause you to think twice.

Recent statistics from consumer-price research firm, Decide Inc. certainly suggest otherwise. According to the Huffington Post, Decide Inc. found that the price for those cozy Ugg Boots are sure to nearly double by time you hit the stores on Black Friday. Prices for popular flat screen TVs are also on the upward move around this time of year, as oppose to other seasons.

These facts probably come as a shock to many, especially those who have built family traditions around the great Black Friday. With only mere days left ‘til the shopping extravaganza, take a gander and read up on where and when the best deals are this season. Read more about the Black Friday deal breakers here:

There’s a New Station in Town

Are you fatigued with mainstream radio and listening to the same playlist again and again? Last month, launched RadioBDC, an Internet station that showcases the best of the alternative genre 24/7.

The station features DJs from the recently departed 101.7 FM WFNX Boston (the East Coast’s first alternative station,) which was sold to Clear Channel. The closure of 101.7 FM WFNX was the latest in a series of dramatic changes that the Boston radio landscape has undergone. Other significant developments have included:

• Contemporary adult station WBMX moving from 98.5 to 104.1, replacing legendary “The Rock of Boston” 104.1 WBCN and making room for 98.5 The Sports Hub
• ClearChannel’s launch of Matty’s Comedy 1200 AM in August
• A Top 40 station AMP 103.3 in lieu of Oldies 103.3 in June
• The introduction of new variety station 101.7 The Harbor in July
• An 93.7 FM outlet for Boston sports radio WEEI in lieu of adult hits station Mike 93.7 last year

Listen to RadioBDC at work and help support undiscovered talent! Best of all, it’s absolutely free! Now available at the iTunes Store.

Apple Announces Release of the iPhone 5

In San Francisco today, Apple held an event announcing its release of the next generation iPhone, confirming its name, the iPhone 5. Controversy over the 5th generation iPhone being called a 4S rather than a 5 created quite a stir with techies from all over, almost guaranteeing that the next generation iPhone would follow suit.

The iPhone 5, as described by Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will feature:
• Taller 4 inch screen
• Added 5th row of apps
• Thinner (18%) & Lighter (20%) than 4S
• Made entirely of Aluminum & Glass
• 16:9 aspect ratio (like HD video) and 1136×640 pixels

After last year’s release of the iPhone 4S, Apple lovers have been anxiously waiting the arrival of the iPhone 5, which is scheduled to begin shipping September 21st, along with the new iPhone Touch and iPod Nano. It will be 4G LTE capable and will no longer work with Google Inc. services, choosing to use its own instead when it updates its software as planned.

In expectation of the iPhone craze, many competing phone companies like Nokia and Samsung have been announcing the release of several new smartphones. Phones, like the Galaxy S III, that have been available for months already offer the same upgrades and features as the iPhone 5. However, the demand of the iPhone 5 is higher than any of its predecessors. It seems that people are following the simple idea of once an iPhone, always an iPhone.