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IE6 No More?


The campaign asks sites to include code that detects IE6 visitors and encourages them to upgrade to Firefox, IE8, or Google Chrome. On Tuesday the movement composed of around a dozen sites, today that number exceeds 70 participants.

The sites jumping on board are by no means insignificant: they include established internet startups, consulting firms and (of course) design blogs. As the sites creator, David Rusenko,stated on Tuesday, that the aim is to target both personal users who are behind the times and put pressure on corporate IT departments. Ultimately the aim of this campaign is to try and push the outdated IE6 out for new, more compatible browsers.

Google Buys Web Video Software Firm


Google, on Wednesday, anounced that it has agreed to buy On2 Technologies, which sells video compression software, in a stock deal valued at about $106 million. The per-share price was 57 percent above On2’s closing stock price on Tuesday, and On2’s shares soared on the news.

Similar to Google’s 2006 acquisition of YouTube at a reported $1.6 Billion, the deal with give Google a much needed pull in the world of online videos. Even so, Many question the ROI and justification of Google’s purchase of not only On2, but YouTube alike.

FledgeWing – the LinkedIn For College Students


No ambitious young person wants to wait until graduation to start working on projects, developing ideas, and building teams. As a case in point, consider how many success stories from the dotcom and Web 2.0 eras have begun with brilliant twenty-somethings dropping out of college to pursue their passions.

Speaking directly to this concern (or phenomenon, depending on your perspective), two students at the New York University Stern School of Business and a former MySpace IT director have started FledgeWing, a new social network that aims to connect aspiring student entrepreneurs with one another as well as with mentors, investors, and industry professionals.

My personal opinion is that FledgeWing is prospering because of its unique student to mentor structure. When an individual signs up for Fledgewing, he or she must identify as either a student or mentor for one of the 175 supported universities.

On the other hand, although FledgeWing developers are on the right track, I think supporting only 175 universities may prove to limit the potential that this innovative niche in the social networking work.

Who’s handling your social media?

In the past few months I have heard many business owners and C-level execs tell me that their social media is being handled in-house. “That’s great!” I tell them and then I ask who is responsible for it. Here we go…

An intern. An assistant. The marketing department. The receptionist. Human resources. A manager. Customer service reps.  The folks in IT.  I could keep going…

My first thought is that those companies who want to do some social media but don’t want to pay a strategist give the responsibilities to the first person they come across with a little time on their hands, or someone they’ve overheard chatting out their Facebook page. My second thought is that anyone who is hiring for any position right now is looking for candidates who also have a little social media experience. So on Friday I conducted a little research of my own – a survey of craigslist job postings over the last 30 days, looking for the employer’s remedy to the social media issue.

First stop Maine. A quick search brings up 2 positions that require some sort of social media background – a writer and a web guru.

Second stop, Alaska (why not, right?) One job, a nonprofit development director.

Onto Vermont. 1 Public relations, 1 position created to be solely dedicated to social media and 4 agency positions.

Austin. 22 Jobs. 4 with an agency, 3 Content writers or PT bloggers, 5 in a company’s marketing department, 2 sales assistants, 1 SEO Manager, 6 web designers, 1 customer service rep, and 1 intern. And then there was one company that was searching for a legal secretary that wanted you to forward your social media profiles along with your resume. hmmmmm.

This is the point where I realized that I had bitten off more than I could chew.

Chicago listed 68 job postings that contained a social media requirement; 10 of these were for interns.

Boston seeks 112 job candidates this month with social media skills, 20 of which are interns.

Los Angeles – 205 jobs posted that social media know-how; 38 for interns only.

And my favorite, NYC – where there was over 750 jobs posted that contained the term “social media” in the job description – for FRIDAY ONLY. This is crazy!! Sorry interns –  only 54 of them were for you. On Friday. You might have more luck to check in on a Monday. Or quite possibly a Wednesday.

Ten of the 700+ were for office assistants. More than 40 were for Business development or Sales. Less than 20 were looking for web producers.

My new quest is this – looking for the craziest job/social media pairing out there –  what do you got?

Highly active Social Communications Platforms translate into increased revenues.

No doubt many companies are now looking into social communications as their primary marketing driver. Today’s marketing war cry do more with coupled with shrinking marketing budgets are huge influencers for that migration. Engagement report by Wetpain and the Fluent report by Razorfish highlight the fact that brands with a high level of social media presence increase revenues will those with less aren’t growing revenues as quickly. If this doesn’t convert the masses to social what will.

Did Yahoo Get The Short End of The Stick?


It’s what many are asking – and even more are asserting. Did Yahoo get the lesser end of its merger deal with Microsoft? After experiencing a 12% on Wednesday and then another 3.57% on Thursday Yahoo stock Closed at around just $14 a share. Most attribute the incline to investor’s shared perception that Yahoo was slighted in the deal and that ultimately the merge will only hurt the company, not grow it.

Even so, predictably, Microsoft’s CEO Steven A. Ballmer says that the deal is more than fair and as for the investors, “they just don’t get it”.

When Microsoft was asked so share details that would outline how exactly the deal spread out and what the benifits where on both sides, Ballmer declined.

I think Yahoo did get the crap end of the stick in this one. I mean the thing is, in order to really grapple with the benefits of this merge on yahoo’s side of the fence….wait a minute, what are the benefits?

My point exactly.

And with all this, I still don’t think Microsoft/Yahoo will be able to overtake Google.

If you can’t beat ’em, join your next biggest Compeditor, THEN beat ’em!


In an industry dominated by one company – Google, trying to take some of that market share from the heavy hitter is not always as easy as it may seem. After Microsoft’s failed attempt at buying Yahoo’s search engine for a reported 47.5 Billion dollars, the two have decided to create a partnership that will aim at cashing in on some of Google’s almost 70% market share.

But the thing is, even as Microsoft and Yahoo bridge their search engine divides, the partnership will still only make up about 26% of the market. Microsoft’s/Yahoo’s ultimate plan is to gain enough leverage within the search engine advertising realm to gain the capital necessary for a shot at leveraging the market. But the question is, is Google just to damn big for all of this?



To all of the information highway skepticals, many have discussed the groundbreaking election of president Obama and its significants in modern American history, but think about this – what other campaign, in any context, is bigger than a presidential campaign? Not many. Obama’s campaign staff realized one centrally important concept. Next big campaign, next big marketing strategy. And what better than social media. Through Social media, Obama raised some $600 million from 3 million people, registered 3 million + cell phone numbers, countless voters and ultimately won the most ground breaking election in us history. My point is, many people feel scepitical of the power of social media, but I think once people really take a look at some of the successful campaigns such as the Obama campaign, they will develope more confidence in the power of social media.

Check out some of Obama’s sites: (6.5 MILLION FANS!)…

From Facebook: Enough Moaning…Change Your Username!


Scoops Here.

Apparently you don’t have to “choose so wisely” when it comes to your new vanity url on Facebook. Last month, Facebook allowed users to start making their own username urls like I was a little intimidated though because I was warned that I could never change it. Seeing that at one point my last name will eventually change, I thought it was pretty pointless.

Facebook has not been so vocal about it, but they will now allow a user to change their name…for at least one time. No reason for the change of heart, but the hardest choice now is what name will I choose next? I know my last name will eventually change but what about scoopskristin or ninjakristin.

So Torn.

Jackson’s death a homicide?


Yesterday members of the Drug Enforcement Administration and LAPD obtained a warrant permitting the search of Michael Jackson’s most recent doctor’s (Dr. Conrad Murray of Huston) office. During the search, which was officially documented as for the purpose of obtaining evidence that may suggest that the offense of manslaughter was committed at the time of Jacksons death, authorities collected some 21 documents from Murray’s office stating that these documents may prove useful in determining Murray’s correlation to Jackson’s death, if any.

So, do you guys think he did it?

Assuming I don’t know all of the facts, its tough for me to speculate, but my initial feeling is, this man was being paid over 150k a month to care for Jackson’s heath – Who would cut off a cash cow like that?

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