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Making Nice During Social Media Conflict…

You mean to tell me that not everyone online is going to agree with all my views posted all over Social Media Land? In case of opposition on your blog or twitter, don’t get too out of hand-your next step can either make or break your reputation. There are some easy ways to make nice during a social media conflict, take these tips from Sharlyn Lauby:

All social medialites should keep in mind-Regardless of our differences, it is important to remember that one similarity that holds us all together is that we are all passionate about what we talk about!

Facebook: IM AM SO SO SORRY!

So we all know by now that Facebook decided to change its Terms of Service, allowing them to pilfer all our content and data. As our right to want to delete our accounts before all our pictures and all other UGC gets owned, Facebook is on bended knee before we pull the plug. When deleting an account on Facebook, we now get an apology note. Awww Facebook you really shouldn’t have….

“This was a mistake that we have now corrected. You own the information you put on Facebook and you control what happens to it. We are sorry for the confusion.”

Not bad for a last ditch effort, but all is not forgotten. Personally, I love you Facebook so I will forgive, but not soon forget.

See the full story .

Let me know what you think!

Something to learn from…

Amongst all the emailed videos I (George) gets, this one really stoodout. This video makes you stop and think how simple it is to get along when you have differences. Take a look and you will be moved to look past our differences.




Facebook for Charity

Here’s a timely article. Using Facebook to promote social responsibility, some youngsters create facebook cause to benefit the family who’s house was destroyed in the crash of Continental Airline’s flight 3407 earlier this month.

We surely understand the impact social media and social networking can have on philanthropic causes – as we begin planning stages for our newest social media project with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley. We’re helping to promote their Community Support Fund and Mass2-1-1. Join their facebook cause and definately watch this video – it’s quite moving.




Yankee Doodle Dandy

Pam & George had a fantastic meeting with the team at Yankee Spirits.

After a long chat about the state of local print media we discussed the opportunities that a social communications plan can provide a retailer like Yankee Spirits. (By the way, Yankee Spirits was Beverage Dynamics Retailer of the Year for 2008). Keep your eyes peeled for some really cool new marketing strategies for Yankee . . . (we’re really excited!)

George conducts seminar on admissions marketing

On Monday, Strategis President George Irish conducted a seminar on Admissions Marketing, sponsored by the College Board. Local higher education admissions and marketing folks attended.

George presented with Roxbury Community College Marketing Director, Milton Samuels. The presentation went over the basics of college recruitment marketing with a special focus on implementing social media tactics.


Blogging has a bright future with Facebook

Does what you say matter? Apparently it does on Facebook. NetworkedBlogs, an app only launched last year to the Facebook platform, is now adding 500 new blogs a day. Half MyBlogLog, half RSS reader, the application lets users add their blog, favorite the blogs of their friends, and click though the latest headlines. Most importantly, the app brings blogs to the more mainstream Facebook audience. 

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So go ahead let your voice be heard social medialites!