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Scoops Kristin’s Attempt to Relate the Boston Marathon to Social Media..just so she can talk about it!

Kristin Here, and yes I can relate The Boston Marathon to social media. Today, over 26,000 hit the pavement to do an overwhelming 26.2 miles. To get all the updates you can see it on Twitter sponsored by WBZ @bostonmarathon.

That is not even the best part, you can go to the Boston Marathon website and track an individual or team. Since I have been saying once I graduated high school that next year I would do it to no avail, I am happy to see my friends step up to the challenge. I want to give my props to AHolmes who on his first attempt of the Marathon came in 502 and finished at 2:50:59. So all of us busy at work and thinking we have had a long day…we just got schooled.

So I digress…Maybe next year may be my year and I could have my Twitter following root for me.

Happy Patriot’s and Marathon Day!


Which type of Social Media Adopter are you?


Obsessed and enamored with the technology, this individual is always adopting the latest social technologies. This individual is fickle with tools, won’t establish loyalty to websites, may move when they see colonists adopt the tool.

Example: Often experimenting with products in their beta stage, this person will quickly move on to the next tool as fast as adopting the second.

These second generation adopters look for key market or network indicators before adopting a new technology. This person is less enamored with the new technology, and more interested in the value that it provides.

Example: They may trial tools after seeing several people in their network mention or trial the tool, and may adopt after a beta or trial period is over.

Colonists are the mainstream adopters, they are often our parents, non-techies, and the everyday people we meet. They adopt these tools due not because of an internal desire to stay cutting edge, but often because several people around them make it an attractive destination and the they see the utility to the communication. They are not late adopters.

By Jeremiah Owyang


It’s aggravating to me the overload of books being written about how-to social media. Just like when search marketing became the next big thing, there were a ton of books and articles popping up, telling everyone how important search.  Of course, I’m not talking about all books and articles on the subject. The offenders know who they are. They are the ones that put a lot of effort into making the subject seem extraordinarily more complicated than it actually is, hoping to make money by alienating the folks that can benefit most from it. Doesn’t this attack the very reason why search marketing was created? Doesn’t this defeat the essence of what social media is?

Then I wonder about those who buy the books. Does someone really need a book to tell them how to make use of social media? Does that defeat the purpose of social media? And to that person that needs a book to build a Facebook page – what are you going to do with it? Should you even have a Facebook page, or a blog, or a Twitter account? In order to grow their business they think they need to buy a book to learn how to cheat the social media system.

They are causing social media to lose integrity.

In addition to spam emails and spam bloggers, we now have spam twitters and spam Facebook friends to look out for. And, in addition to that, we have overzealous, shilling social media “entrepreneurs” clogging up our linked-in groups.

True story: We actually had a client come to us last year to take over their public relations needs because the agency they were using was posting their social media press releases to spam websites and then they sent it to them as a clipping!

 In an effort to make-more-money-faster and do-more-with-less are we must be aware that we might be contributing to an online world of inappropriate, uncessary content and general social media douchebagginess.

Facebook Update / Makeover

In order to keep up with new technologies and competition you must always improve. This time it was  Facebook had to do some upgrading. This is a brilliant move on their part, since people are always looking for different, better ways to communitcate. You can find out more here. Let me know what you think.

Twitter Etiquette In Congress

As many of you may know Congress has caught hold of the twitter bug. This has led to the debate as to wether it’s appropriate to text during a Presidential State of the Union Address as Rep. Joe Barton of Texas did when he twittered the start of the Aggie’s basketball game. Well personally I think it was a bone headed move. Look, the general argument for its use by proponents like Rep. John Culbertson (coincidentally) of Texas, is that it helps to stay directly connected with their constituents regarding IMPORTANT issues.  (Note the word important). Hence, Barton’s and many other elected officials behavior was quite frankly, rude. Someone needs to let these folks know that using technology does not exempt a person from using manners and good judgement. After all isn’t that why we elect them?

I would hope that Congress would actually be interested in what the President has to say.  Especially during these turbulent times.   Unfortunatelty, too many elected official showed they have the attention spans of pre-schoolers.  Hey, maybe we should elect some real pre-schoolers.  After all, they’d be cuter!

Celebrities Twitter – now I want to too!

celebrities twitter.*

Famous twitterers John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher, Rainn Wilson . . .

This makes Twitter even cooler.

Now we want to tweet so we can we awesome too. . .

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*Yes, this article is just a superfluous plug for our twitter feeds.