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Tweets in Space

It’s official. The first Tweet from space has been sent, thanks to astronaut Mike Massimino.

Twittering in space? What could top that? Probably nothing, but here’s my top five wish list:

1. Mandated twittering from prison – Do you wanna know what Phil Spector had for lunch?  How about Manson’s daily work-out routine?  Now you can know on the go with PrisonTwitter!

2. Twittering from the womb – All those doctor’s appointments will seem unnecessary when you can follow your unborn child’s development via prenatal tweets. 

3. Twittering from the grave – conversely, keeping in touch with loved ones post mortem would also be pretty awesome. And creepy?

4. Twittering in your dreams – Your dreams might not come true but they’d probably make for some super entertaining tweets. Imagine this:

“Walked into my house but then it morphed into a supermarket,”

“going out with faceless man tonight. don’t worry, he brought the newspaper this time,”

“Just hanging out with Dwight and Jim and Alec Baldwin. Grandma remembered beers, thank god!”

5. Twittering with your mind – We whittle all thoughts down to 140 characters or less. How efficient we’d be. Publish thoughts by thinking of the “update” button.

And just for fun. This is what I was thinking of when I started this post:


Who thinks Adam Cupples ROCKS!!??

Who thinks Adam Cupples ROCKS!!?? Great presentation at SSYP!

–  Craig Guido Owner, Almar Building & Remodeling 

No. I’m not trying to toot my own horn. OK, maybe I am. I was really excited to see this posted on the Shore Young Professionals Group’s LinkedIn discussion board. Excited because how many times do you see “[Insert your name here] Rocks!”, but also because this is exactly what I was talking about last night when I had the opportunity last night to speak about Social Media to the Shore Young Professionals Group at Sabor Market.

Networking has completely changed. Linked-In and Facebook and Twitter offer an extension of the physical event.

It used to be that you would show up at a networking event,  shake some hands, exchange a business card and go home. The next morning, you come in to the office, pull out the fuzz from you pocket with a stack of faceless business cards. You stare at them a while while you try to figure out who to reach out to for business and who you want to stay in contact with.

Last night’s event ended at 7:30 but the conversation didn’t.

I got a friend request at 10:00 that night by Wendy Hall from Your Next Meal (since you were first, you get the plug!). Then driving to work this morning my phone kept buzzing with LinkedIn requests and Twitter followers. Less than 18 hours after the event I had been contacted via social media by more than ten attendees. (guess I do rock) No pocket lint. Hardly any business cards (saving the planet). 

So here’s my plea to keep the conversation going, still. Join the Shore Young Professionals LinkedIn Group, lets get linked on LinkedIn, be my friend on Facebook and Tweet me @ACupples.

And share! I want to hear if you kept the conversation going with anyone else using these social networking tools and will follow up with another blog to tell your stories.

Lastly, I want to thank the Founders and BODs of the South Shore Young Professionals Group for having me speak last night. Greatly appreciated.

Learn something new everyday

Time to get a social media education? Look no further.

Did you know that we hold monthly social media marketing seminars to educate the world on the power of social media? Now you do.  Right here at Strategis. The May seminar will be held on the 29th [see more details at our FB page]

In addition to these infomational lunch gatherings, we’ve taken our act on the road! See Adam next week at the South Shore Young Professionals Business Speaker Series on May 12th.

Or see pictures from some of our previous speaking engagements and social media seminars.

Send me a message if you are looking to get educated.

YouTube Says ‘Nuh uh I don’t think so’ to Advertising Publishers

Scoops Here. This coming from MediaWeek–YouTube has written warning slips to content producers who feature their own advertisers in videos. This is totally not cool to YouTube since it is against their TOS, not to mention they want to charge for their own advertising. Since they have not made a successful process on monetizing ads and have not enforced their TOS, they now have to deal with an ever growing YouTube ad black market.

One hit wonder

Nielson Online released a report that says 60% of of people who sign up for Twitter forget about it in 30 days. Is that you?

In my effort to educate the world, or at least my small world, about social media and all its wonder, I find an inordinate amount of people who tell me – “I tried Twitter – – I just don’t get it.” What’s there to get? Twitter itself is currently a very simple application. You follow people &/or businesses. They Follow you. You exchange 140 characters of information. So I tell my friends, it’s not Twitter that you don’t get, you need to figure out what Twitter can do for you.

The question you need to answer is what is your audience, and what are they using Twitter for. My husband uses Twitter to follow the Howard Stern Show.  I have a friend that uses it like an instant messager, to chat with people at work. I have clients that use Twitter to reach out to the press, and I have clients that use Twitter to see what people are talking about. Adam uses it to stay up on industry news and to schmooze. Scoops Kristin uses to say meaningless things and Haris uses it because I told him to. I use it instead of a newspaper, and to show people that I use Twitter (@pmaloney, BTW).

Event marketing, PR, conversation monitoring, entertainment, distraction . . .  what do you use twitter for? Or did you give up?

Scoops Kristin…a Narcissist?

Scoops  Here. According to a team of Swiss and Austrailian social scientists, I am an alleged egosurfer…but unlike most who will not admit it, I plead guilty, but with probable cause. Just like in this post by TIME online, I just want to know what’s out there on me. Not to see how cool I am because I can take up a whole page of organic searches, which I cannot do. If anything, it puts me in my place, because there are some other interesting people who share my name out there like Kristin the veterinarian or Kristin the photographer living in Las Vegas.

Scoops is not egosurfing for glory, just curious…leading me to see:

My High School Running Times
My College Running Times
That I am an inactive member of the Norton Chihuahua group
Social Media Profiles

So I stand by my probable cause defense, because it is hard to be a narcissist when your organic searches are no smoking gun.


Changes to LinkedIn cause some controversy.


Ah, the uproar of social media – even the slightest change to a network will cause huge commotion! We all remember Facebook’s attempt to change its privacy rules. Facebook users came back with a gabillion (is that a word?) negative responses to this change. Today’s victim? LinkedIn. They actually went a step further than Facebook and didn’t bother to inform its users of the change. Now that is a NO NO. The change was that LinkedIn disabled the group email list download function for group managers.  This means that they can no longer send group e-newsletters, nor can a group manager communicate directly with its group members. Due to this change the people have started a Petition Online. You would have figured that they would have learned from others mistakes. I guess not.