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Traditional Advertising versus Social Media Marketing

social media vs Newspapers

In todays ever progressing advertising market, social media is continuously building momentum as a factor in brand and/or product marketing, customer interaction, event promotion and countless other marketing tactics. Social media has proven to be the next big thing in the advertising world. Still, both conventional advertising and social media based efforts prove to harbor their own draw backs and limitations. Although tradition marketing tactics such as print ads or television commercials demonstrate a reliable means of “spreading the word”, they also have their limitations. For one, conventional marketing isn’t able to harness the power of the internet, and more specifically, spontaneous web browsing. Often within the social media realm, much of the “advertising” so to speak, is generated from users discovering an organizations online content through things like mutual friends. In other words, unlike things such as TV ads, which are strategically placed (limiting the amount of spontaneous discovery possible) social media tactics offer a broader array of ways to market a brand, product or idea. Even so, like any other marketing strategy social media does have some weak point. Namely, social media is not an overnight marketing strategy. It typically takes time and momentum. Unlike placing a TV ad which can attract a slew of customers instantaneously, social media is also about networking, engaging, and building – rather than just selling.

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MiFi: the ultimate wifi sharing!

As I was surfing this morning, I ran into this: MiFi. WhatFi you ask? MiFi, offered by Verizon wireless, Fuses 3G cellular data with wireless WiFi router. Essentially, for all of the not-so-techie folks out the, Mifi means a small, lightweight, battery powered wireless device that can broadcast broadband internet to you and up to 4 friends in your immediate area (about 30 or 40 feet). So if your taking a family road trip and understand how nice it would be to enable the kids to have their own wireless internet lines (thus keeping the ambient noise to a minimum) you can probably appreciate the possibilities that this technology brings forth. For the techies out there who are wondering how this new device proves revolutionary, for one, although it does use the same technologies implemented in traditional WiFi routers, what it does create is the ability to build a full service, mobile work group. And at a pretty affordable price.


The MiFi retails for $99.99 after $50 mail-in rebate and Verizons monthly service is about $60. I think this new implementation of WiFi technology will prove highly useful to not only personal users, but businesses as well. Companies often have more than one employee traveling together, a situation where with MiFi, all of the employees could work together on internal projects in the same way that they would back in the office (accessing files on a central server). The same potential that computer servers offer corporate American, now exists with WiFi mobile broadcasting as well.

Ok, so I’ve given my 2 cents. What do you guys think to say about it? And more importantly, how can it help you or your business

And also, do the name “MiFi” work? I mean after all the whole concept is sharing WiFi with others, not mi!


I went to a minute ago to see this:


The biggest article on the home page of the newspaper’s website is about Facebook Icons? BFD! Is there nothing else going on it the world today? What icon should the social networking giant use to indicate that the user has gone through a divorce?

Is this a newsworthy story or is the Globe jumping on the same bandwagon that keeps pictures of Brad Pitt and Michelle Obama on all the magazine covers and what made Perez Hilton famous?

Is it a  wonder that the NYTimes was looking to drop these guys? If you were a newspaper in the process of making some big concessions that will result in less for employees and less for its readers, would your biggest story on your online product be about cartoon pictures on Facebook? Maybe they’d be better off to write a story on how a floundering newspaper might use social media to better engage their audience. How an online  news site might salvage some integrity by not writing about online  relationship statuses.

[ In my head I am doing this SNL skit with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehher.]


I expect more from the Globe than this. I expect that they wouldn’t resort to campy attention grabbing nonsense stories to engage their readers.

Then they turn to me and ask that I sell this product to my clients. 


How do you get your news fix?

I’ll admit it – I’m addicted to the news. No, not Huey Lewis’ talented back up band –  but the current events type.

Everymorning I am entranced by Steve Inskeep and Renee Montange of NPR’s Morning Edition. Then I get to my desk and I open,, and my iGoogle home page where I have Google Reader deliver me the news on a variety of topics I am interested in from some of my favorite columnists, news sites and bloggers.

I leave these pages open all day.  While on a phone call I am likely to be skimming the headlines clicking around on articles that look interesting and checking to see if anything new has been added. Sometimes I (guilty pleasure) click over to the celebrity or entertainment pages of these sites to see if there is any “news” there.

As I eat lunch I also consume the headlines sent to my Linked-In home page. When I have writer’s block I switch it up by reading the NY Times. When I’ve run out of interesting things to read on my “regular” sites, I head over to Google News and thumb through their top stories. I’m notorious for emailing articles and my fingers hurt from clicking share this buttons all day long.

I peruse news links on Twitter. I get mobile updates. I am a fan of WGBH and WRNI on Facebook. I’m not big on traditional television broadcast news. I’ll watch Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart (yes, I think of this as news-ish), but my local 11 o’clock news programming – – forget it.

Let’s see. Am I forgetting anything? Nope. That’s it.

While I sip my morning coffee you will notice that my hands are clean and that instead I am in front of my laptop opened to

Once in a while, I get a hankering for a newsprint, smudge crossword puzzle and I sneak over to my father-in-law’s house and I steal his copy of the Sunday  Journal.  I’d pay $.50 for that.


How much does a newspaper cost now?