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the coveted google wave invite

I finally got my Google wave invite! For some reason, my husband is on the list to try out all of Google coolest newest stuff and I’ve been after him for weeks to invite me to Google wave. I guess he was bored today.

The Google Gatekeeper

I will play and update you all soon!


What would your Great Grandma do if she heard this from NPR’s Morning Edition. (Don’t worry folks, it’s only 1 min 40 sec)

Sure, it’s a little on the corny side, but I was thoroughly entertained while listen to NPR this morning on the way into the office. As a tribute to the internet on what some would consider to be its 40th birthday, this campy yet perceptive snippet immediately made me think that if I had a great grandmother alive to hear it, she’d surely think Earth was invaded by Martians.

The internet has completely infiltrated how we think and this brief audio play highlights the fast-paced, acronym-laden, hyper-technical nature of our everyday conversations. Not that we’d noticed – but I imagine what your great grandma would think…

Here’s an experiment – play this for your grandma and ask her to translate.

Is it what you say…or where you say it?


I’m sure you all know by now the controversy surrounding the recent emotional outbursts of  Kanye West and Serena Williams.  Not to mention South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, and the ever lovely fits of rage from no-named reality-tv stars.  I guess that’s why VH1 and MTV aren’t so much about music videos anymore as they are about reality dramas. As bizarre as this may sound, people love drama. They love the chaos, the comedy, and the tragedy.  However, I wonder how much of so-called “reality television” is actually real.

When the camera zooms in to catch a furious athlete on the brink of a breakdown…that’s real. When a politician erupts with a quick-temper at an inappropriate time…that’s real. When a music mogul gives his two-cents without thinking…now that’s real.  This type of unscripted reality may seem few and far between, but when it happens, you can believe that there is a camera to catch it and a blogger to post it.

Remember the days before social media, where you could do and say what you felt without the consequence of becoming the next YouTube star or Internet sensation? Those days are long gone, and you better think twice before calling your boss that 4-letter word or picking your nose in public. Social media and social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are growing at an enormous rate.  People aren’t afraid to put you, and your business out there; the media especially.

So why is it that these superstars know the potential consequence of bad PR, yet they still don’t take the time for that deep breath or second thought? Could it be that celebrities are really human like the rest of us? Or have we just found the right vehicle to expose their true personalities? Either way, it’s always entertaining.

Don’t Be Such A Wallflower!


Turns out, I’m a Twitter Wallflower. Seeing that, as stated before, I don’t invest nearly as much time into my twitter as Facebook, this is no surprise.
According to Mojo, their proven “scientific method” shows that, though I don’t tweet much, I do show the potential to be the life of the party!

See this Wallflower in action!

What’s Your Twitter Mojo?

concierge tweet

Scoops Here.

Ever thought want kind of Twitter Mojo you have? Look no further Yahoo put out the socialmedialites of the world a tool today that tells you what kind of Twitter user you are based on of your Tweet content. In order to find out what Twitterer you are, Yahoo uses a secret algorithm to give you your sweet dose of Twitter mojo.

The site is called Know Your Mojo, and go figure it is a promo to help generate buzz for the new Yahoo Homepage. When get your mojo, you receive ideas for new content to add to a personalized Yahoo homepage.

Here come the Mojo Categories:

Headliner – You’re the star of the Twitterverse, have tons of followers, and have retweets the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton

Crowd Pleaser – You use lots of hashtags and are in on all the hot conversations

Cheerleader – Retweeting is how you roll

B.F.F. – Your volume of @replies makes you everybody’s best bud

Party Animal – With so many followers, you’re the life of the party

Private Eye – Like any good investigator, you’re following a boatload of people

Concierge – You live for links and sending people to the best stuff

Word Whiz – You’re a natural wordsmith and make the most of your 140 characters

Lone Wolf – You’re more of a low-profile type (some might even accuse you of lurking)

Name Dropper – You use lots of @names when you tweet

Matchmaker – You pass along lots of URLs to make sure everyone’s connected

Wall Flower – You don’t tweet much but you’re still in on the party

Novelist – You have a lot to say and tweet with a lot of characters to prove it

Shadow – You follow lots of people like a good shadow would

Scenester – If there’s a hashtag conversation happening, you’re there

Tweethead – Your high number of retweets shows you like to spread the good stuff

Yours Truly is a Concierge. I think that my mojo category fits me well, Scoops is here to provide you with the best of the social media updates and often times the best of useless but completely important information. That’s what I’m here for, here to please the people.

Who’s handling your social media?

In the past few months I have heard many business owners and C-level execs tell me that their social media is being handled in-house. “That’s great!” I tell them and then I ask who is responsible for it. Here we go…

An intern. An assistant. The marketing department. The receptionist. Human resources. A manager. Customer service reps.  The folks in IT.  I could keep going…

My first thought is that those companies who want to do some social media but don’t want to pay a strategist give the responsibilities to the first person they come across with a little time on their hands, or someone they’ve overheard chatting out their Facebook page. My second thought is that anyone who is hiring for any position right now is looking for candidates who also have a little social media experience. So on Friday I conducted a little research of my own – a survey of craigslist job postings over the last 30 days, looking for the employer’s remedy to the social media issue.

First stop Maine. A quick search brings up 2 positions that require some sort of social media background – a writer and a web guru.

Second stop, Alaska (why not, right?) One job, a nonprofit development director.

Onto Vermont. 1 Public relations, 1 position created to be solely dedicated to social media and 4 agency positions.

Austin. 22 Jobs. 4 with an agency, 3 Content writers or PT bloggers, 5 in a company’s marketing department, 2 sales assistants, 1 SEO Manager, 6 web designers, 1 customer service rep, and 1 intern. And then there was one company that was searching for a legal secretary that wanted you to forward your social media profiles along with your resume. hmmmmm.

This is the point where I realized that I had bitten off more than I could chew.

Chicago listed 68 job postings that contained a social media requirement; 10 of these were for interns.

Boston seeks 112 job candidates this month with social media skills, 20 of which are interns.

Los Angeles – 205 jobs posted that social media know-how; 38 for interns only.

And my favorite, NYC – where there was over 750 jobs posted that contained the term “social media” in the job description – for FRIDAY ONLY. This is crazy!! Sorry interns –  only 54 of them were for you. On Friday. You might have more luck to check in on a Monday. Or quite possibly a Wednesday.

Ten of the 700+ were for office assistants. More than 40 were for Business development or Sales. Less than 20 were looking for web producers.

My new quest is this – looking for the craziest job/social media pairing out there –  what do you got?

Scoops Top Five Reasons She

Scoops Here.

This Friday, instead of delivering the latest popular social/ media news topic, I wanted to take a little time and reflect on why I love social media so much. So here it goes…

1. TRENDING TOPICS. I am able to make up ridiculous trending topics with the hopes of it will catch on. Being on the Top Twitter Trends is my goal, for example my latest project is #bustalyric. I started off as fun between @pmaloney and I while in the office, but now I really think it has the chops to catch on! All you do is put in your favorite lyric (characters permitting of course) and then #bustalyric. It actually gets quite addicting.

2. MIND SPEAK. What is great about social media and especially through ‘Talk Is Cheap’ I get to have a voice in many circumstances and topics to where I would not typically be able to. We all have opinions on stuff, so it is always great to have a platform to speak your mind whether it be a great recommendation or just a full out rant.

3. LOYAL SOCIALMEDIALITES. The power of social media and the effect it has on people. For example, and you know who you are, the Twitter watchers who can have a reply within seconds and a new post every five minutes. Most would believe that these people have no life and too much time on their hands, maybe for some that is the case–but for most they just enjoy being apart of the proverbial conversation. These are not just people who listen they are always contributing to it as well!

4. iGOOGLE. Not the most relevant social media contribution, but this is my post and I am going to mention it anyway. My iGoogle page does it all for me. I have my RSS Reader where I check out all the new happening among SoME blogs and bookmarking sites. Where do you think I find all my cool news stories from! Not just to keep me informed, it does so much more for me. It can tell me how to say ‘scoops’ in Turkish, what the 5 day forecast is going to be, but most importantly it is home to my virtual penguins and turtles. That’s cool.

5. iPHONE APPS. Social media is everywhere, especially when you have an iphone. My phone is just an extension of when I am not at work or in front of my Macbook at home. Thanks to the Facebook, LinkedIN and Tweetdeck applications I can stay connected on my terms—and that’s how I like it!

So there it was. It is not meant to be technical or provide any profound revelations about why social media is important. It is just some a few ways social media just does it for me.