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the coveted google wave invite

I finally got my Google wave invite! For some reason, my husband is on the list to try out all of Google coolest newest stuff and I’ve been after him for weeks to invite me to Google wave. I guess he was bored today.

The Google Gatekeeper

I will play and update you all soon!

Google Labs Launch Social Search.


Scoops Here.

Google’s development team has done it again, and this time it is personal. No really, it is. Just a few short days ago Google Labs released Social Search.

Social Search taps into a user’s social network profiles and displays relevant links and status updates that members of a user’s own social network have shared at the bottom of the default search results page. Now social medialites will have a customized and tailored search experience. So as you search for your local fast food chain you can see what you can see what offers are going on through their Twitter feed.

To get started, you first have to head over to Google Labs‘s experimental section and activate this feature. For now, Social Search will only be available in the US and in English. You will also need at least one of the three Google sources to access Social Search: Gmail Contacts, Google Reader Subscriptions and Your Google Profile.

Although you don’t need to have a Google Profile at the moment this service is a hub for social networking profiles on Social Search. Based on the information in your Google Profile, Google can auto-detect your social networking profiles and your friends on services like Flickr, FriendFeed, YouTube, Reddit, Digg,, BrightKite, and many others.

I know the pitchforks are being raised already for those who see the potential privacy issues…but at this moment I am not caring.

Oh Google, you’ve done it again!

When it comes to online money making opportunities, Google tends to be the first with its hand in the cookie jar. Leading the way as a search engine icon, Google has just announced its newest endeavourer—tapping in to the music industry and launching an online music search service.

As in-store sales continue to plunge and online downloading (free- i.e. LimeWire or with cost- i.e. iTunes) continues to soar, major record companies pitched the music search idea to Google a year ago. A joint venture between Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Corporation, EMI Group PLC, and MySpace Music has emerged and the music moguls want to promote an alternative to Apple’s iTunes. Call it keeping up with the changing times, or a last ditch effort. Either way, consumers are moving online to preview, play, and purchase their music.

For those of you looking to check out the new Music Search site when it launches, here’s what you can expect—package images of musicians and bands, album artwork, links to news, lyrics, videos, and song previews, as well as a search results page that allows you to buy songs. This is expected to be a success for all parties in the development. The music companies benefit from sharing revenue of purchased songs, and Google will collect revenue from the advertising shown within search results.

Let’s see if it’s as win-win as they claim. I, personally, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

IE6 No More?


The campaign asks sites to include code that detects IE6 visitors and encourages them to upgrade to Firefox, IE8, or Google Chrome. On Tuesday the movement composed of around a dozen sites, today that number exceeds 70 participants.

The sites jumping on board are by no means insignificant: they include established internet startups, consulting firms and (of course) design blogs. As the sites creator, David Rusenko,stated on Tuesday, that the aim is to target both personal users who are behind the times and put pressure on corporate IT departments. Ultimately the aim of this campaign is to try and push the outdated IE6 out for new, more compatible browsers.

Google Buys Web Video Software Firm


Google, on Wednesday, anounced that it has agreed to buy On2 Technologies, which sells video compression software, in a stock deal valued at about $106 million. The per-share price was 57 percent above On2’s closing stock price on Tuesday, and On2’s shares soared on the news.

Similar to Google’s 2006 acquisition of YouTube at a reported $1.6 Billion, the deal with give Google a much needed pull in the world of online videos. Even so, Many question the ROI and justification of Google’s purchase of not only On2, but YouTube alike.

Did Yahoo Get The Short End of The Stick?


It’s what many are asking – and even more are asserting. Did Yahoo get the lesser end of its merger deal with Microsoft? After experiencing a 12% on Wednesday and then another 3.57% on Thursday Yahoo stock Closed at around just $14 a share. Most attribute the incline to investor’s shared perception that Yahoo was slighted in the deal and that ultimately the merge will only hurt the company, not grow it.

Even so, predictably, Microsoft’s CEO Steven A. Ballmer says that the deal is more than fair and as for the investors, “they just don’t get it”.

When Microsoft was asked so share details that would outline how exactly the deal spread out and what the benifits where on both sides, Ballmer declined.

I think Yahoo did get the crap end of the stick in this one. I mean the thing is, in order to really grapple with the benefits of this merge on yahoo’s side of the fence….wait a minute, what are the benefits?

My point exactly.

And with all this, I still don’t think Microsoft/Yahoo will be able to overtake Google.

If you can’t beat ’em, join your next biggest Compeditor, THEN beat ’em!


In an industry dominated by one company – Google, trying to take some of that market share from the heavy hitter is not always as easy as it may seem. After Microsoft’s failed attempt at buying Yahoo’s search engine for a reported 47.5 Billion dollars, the two have decided to create a partnership that will aim at cashing in on some of Google’s almost 70% market share.

But the thing is, even as Microsoft and Yahoo bridge their search engine divides, the partnership will still only make up about 26% of the market. Microsoft’s/Yahoo’s ultimate plan is to gain enough leverage within the search engine advertising realm to gain the capital necessary for a shot at leveraging the market. But the question is, is Google just to damn big for all of this?

Scoops Top Five Reasons She

Scoops Here.

This Friday, instead of delivering the latest popular social/ media news topic, I wanted to take a little time and reflect on why I love social media so much. So here it goes…

1. TRENDING TOPICS. I am able to make up ridiculous trending topics with the hopes of it will catch on. Being on the Top Twitter Trends is my goal, for example my latest project is #bustalyric. I started off as fun between @pmaloney and I while in the office, but now I really think it has the chops to catch on! All you do is put in your favorite lyric (characters permitting of course) and then #bustalyric. It actually gets quite addicting.

2. MIND SPEAK. What is great about social media and especially through ‘Talk Is Cheap’ I get to have a voice in many circumstances and topics to where I would not typically be able to. We all have opinions on stuff, so it is always great to have a platform to speak your mind whether it be a great recommendation or just a full out rant.

3. LOYAL SOCIALMEDIALITES. The power of social media and the effect it has on people. For example, and you know who you are, the Twitter watchers who can have a reply within seconds and a new post every five minutes. Most would believe that these people have no life and too much time on their hands, maybe for some that is the case–but for most they just enjoy being apart of the proverbial conversation. These are not just people who listen they are always contributing to it as well!

4. iGOOGLE. Not the most relevant social media contribution, but this is my post and I am going to mention it anyway. My iGoogle page does it all for me. I have my RSS Reader where I check out all the new happening among SoME blogs and bookmarking sites. Where do you think I find all my cool news stories from! Not just to keep me informed, it does so much more for me. It can tell me how to say ‘scoops’ in Turkish, what the 5 day forecast is going to be, but most importantly it is home to my virtual penguins and turtles. That’s cool.

5. iPHONE APPS. Social media is everywhere, especially when you have an iphone. My phone is just an extension of when I am not at work or in front of my Macbook at home. Thanks to the Facebook, LinkedIN and Tweetdeck applications I can stay connected on my terms—and that’s how I like it!

So there it was. It is not meant to be technical or provide any profound revelations about why social media is important. It is just some a few ways social media just does it for me.

IE is to Windows as Google Crome is to Google OS.


Thats right. Google has officially announced that it has plans to jump on the operating system band wagon that Microsoft had been able to ride and steer since the commodification of the PC it self. The software, which will be called Google Chrome Operating System, will likely be pre-released later this year and as a standard OS on a number of the industries many ‘net books’ available in the upcoming year. Google states that “Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS”, all things Microsoft has redundantly received flak for. Netbooks running the software will go on sale in the second half of 2010.

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How well do you know Google?


Ever since its 1998 launch, Google has become something like an online library- A really cool library, that does not smell funny, and doesn’t make you get a membership card or pay late fees. Anything you need or want, Google has. It is so easy to use and find what you are looking for, no other search engine comes even close (not even Bing – I know – I’ve been using Bing for three weeks now and I am ready to throw my computer out the window. I would love to see the number of people who have tried a search on Bing and ended up using Google. )

Any idea how many keywords you type into Google on a daily basis? Why would you – unless you have nothing better to do? My guess is that you search so often, you don’t even realize that you are a Google search term pro. Good enough to recognize the search term if you are shown only a bunch of pictures????

Let’s see just how well you know how to Google –

Once you spent few addictive hours on this game, let us know your high score.