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Scoops Giving More Props to Facebook…


Scoops Here.

I am dedicating another post to Facebook. First being excited that they decided to fix up their events functionality, now they have finally made their well deserved mark on the Top 50 U.S. Web Properties list. For the first time, Facebook is in the Top 5 of comScore’s newly released Media Metrix rankings for the Top 50 U.S. Web Properties.

Every year there has been a recurrence of the usual suspects at the top of the list–Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL. This year, however, Facebook has made its way to the top from it’s 16th spot last year.

So large props to Facebook!

Finally Updates to Facebook Events!



Scoops Here.

This is a very exciting update for Facebook and I thought I would share it with all my favorite socialmedialites out there. I am probably one of so many people who create events on Facebook and wonder–why doesn’t Facebook just let you take a list of invitees and transfer it over to another event?

With my tremendous ninja mind tricks, Facebook has listened and made some great updates to the Events functionality. Although not earthshaking. they have added a feature to where you can invite your weekly gathering to watch the Office to a block party this weekend. Still to see from Facebook is how far back it logs events, but it is a promising start.

Take it from someone who got an ergonomic mouse to offset the effects of over-clicking for invitees.

Thank you Facebook.

Don’t Be Such A Wallflower!


Turns out, I’m a Twitter Wallflower. Seeing that, as stated before, I don’t invest nearly as much time into my twitter as Facebook, this is no surprise.
According to Mojo, their proven “scientific method” shows that, though I don’t tweet much, I do show the potential to be the life of the party!

See this Wallflower in action!

Facebook’s Search Toolbar Gets More Muscle

FB search tab

As Facebook balloons to over 250 million users, many voice their appreciation for Facebook’s small social network feel.  Unlike its so-last-year counterpart, MySpace, Facebook has successfully maintained a very personal feel, finding hundreds of ways to link the most relevant people, in the most relevant ways.

Even so, because Facebook has so many interesting people, useful content, and relevant apps available, many users would appreciate a broader search option that would enable the to quickly search ALL of Facebook’s content. Thus, Face says: “your wish is my command”. And so it is. Facebook has now announced that it will soon make the change allowing users to search the entire site, not to mention, do new things like share status updates with everyone, rather than just confirmed friends.

Expect to see these changes in full effect some time within the next two months.

Facebook – Short & Sweet


So Facebook has ‘accidentally’ disclosed that it has plans for a new site, dubbed Facebook lite. Unlike the current Facebook site, Facebook lite offers users a simplified, no-frills Facebook experience – eerily similar to Twitter, Facebooks biggest competitor.

But Facebook claims that its new chip-off-the-old-block is merely the manifestation of a solution to many worldwide users’ biggest problem with Facebook. Bandwidth. Because of the news sites nature, Facebook says load times are much quicker, even on machines running slower than broadband speeds, and much of the unneeded content typically see on a given Facebook page is conveniently absent.

The interesting thing is, this new site was releases, get this, on accident! Thats right, the message was sent out to select international Facebook users before the company had initially planed. Even so, I think it may have just been Facebook’way of saying “look, we wont be the next Myspace – we see you twitter, but we are just over the horizon – not going anywhere”!

Teens Don’t Tweet


This is a topic that has been in rotation for quite a while now. And you know what, I think it’s kinda true. I’ll be honest, I’m 19, an avid Facebook user, college student, middle-class background, and yet, Twitter doesn’t enthrall me – or even marginally retain my attention. And the thing is, I’m not the only one. You see, I love Facebook – for more reasons than one. Yes, Facebook is a wonderfully powerful networking tool. I’ve met more people from my own school on Facebook than walking to class. And yes, Facebook is a wonderful way to stay in touch with everyone – family, friends, Co-workers. But aside from Facebook’s generic selling points, I love it simply because of the people. For a 19 y/o undergrad student, I’d say my life is modestly interesting. Even so, the conversation surrounding my Facebook page is enough to write a sitcom over. That’s why I love Facebook. One the bus, at the office, walking from one lecture to the next, Facebook always has something interesting to tune in on. I just don’t find that with Twitter. Maybe it’s because I have less than 60 Followers and limited number of friends who take a corpulent interest in Twitter, but to me, Twitter is so blahh. It’s nice to know what people are doing, and why Kim from work (and her cat) is going vegan, but where’s the substance. For example, since Facebook redesigned its dashboard, it offers a section know as highlights, where you can see some of the bigger, more relevant changes that have occurred on your friends pages. For example, this past 4th of July, I had to work and missed out on the family Gathering at my uncles – until I checked my Facebook that is! Well…not quite, but you get the point. I got to see a bunch of pictures from the event and because my uncle tagged my family, I was able to follow the link back to an aunts page, an aunt that I hadn’t seen in years.

Last time I checked, Twitter doesn’t have any cool little quarks. It’s a Wall – that’s it. I guess Avid Twitterers are operation out of the “less is more” mentality. This is America! Less has NEVER been more. We want choices, options, and…more choices – enough so that we have so many that we can’t pick.

I’ve asked some of my friends if they Twitter. Most either love it or hate it. They either love its simplicity, or more often, hate its lack of features.

It’s all perception and mentality. I like Facebook for all its worth. Even when you have no clear cut reason to visit Facebook, it always has something funny, interesting, or at the very least, engaging to offer. Twitter, Idk – not so much.

So why are more 25+ plus users catching on to the Twitter revolution? I think it has to do with the learning curve. Older users didn’t grow up around the technological sophistication that the younger of us have. Therefore, understandably, they may not catch on to the idea of complex social networking, and it’s ins and outs as quick. But Twitter, they can get. It’s easy, it’s simple, and your really can’t mess any thing up. You follow. Get followed. Post tweets. And receive replies. Simple enough. And that’s the key phrase….”Simple enough” – for anyone to use. Not just the Social Media savvy.

But for the more technologically enlightened, those of use more accustomed to the Bentley’s of Social Media, why would we switch to a Prius just to follow the masses? I like my heated and cooled nubuck seats – I can give up push start and a half electric engine that can’t move out of its own way.

That’s my take on why Twitter’s grown is more attributed to 25+ users rather thank teens. What do you guys think?



To all of the information highway skepticals, many have discussed the groundbreaking election of president Obama and its significants in modern American history, but think about this – what other campaign, in any context, is bigger than a presidential campaign? Not many. Obama’s campaign staff realized one centrally important concept. Next big campaign, next big marketing strategy. And what better than social media. Through Social media, Obama raised some $600 million from 3 million people, registered 3 million + cell phone numbers, countless voters and ultimately won the most ground breaking election in us history. My point is, many people feel scepitical of the power of social media, but I think once people really take a look at some of the successful campaigns such as the Obama campaign, they will develope more confidence in the power of social media.

Check out some of Obama’s sites: (6.5 MILLION FANS!)…

From Facebook: Enough Moaning…Change Your Username!


Scoops Here.

Apparently you don’t have to “choose so wisely” when it comes to your new vanity url on Facebook. Last month, Facebook allowed users to start making their own username urls like I was a little intimidated though because I was warned that I could never change it. Seeing that at one point my last name will eventually change, I thought it was pretty pointless.

Facebook has not been so vocal about it, but they will now allow a user to change their name…for at least one time. No reason for the change of heart, but the hardest choice now is what name will I choose next? I know my last name will eventually change but what about scoopskristin or ninjakristin.

So Torn.

Social Networking = Cohesion or Division?


Is the social media revolution bringing us together? Or is it perpetuating divisions by race and class?

An important question asked by New York Times’ Riva Richmond.

I know, your all probably thinking, “what do you mean division, social media is all about bringing people together.” Your right, most social media is, well, just that. Social. It functions as a wonderful, easy-to-access, and often free medium in the online social stratosphere. But take a second and think to your self. Does social media always help promote diversity in your own life? Think about the people you communicate with via social media. Aren’t the overwhelming majority business partners, co workers, old college buddies, home town friends, family. In short, most people tend to connect with other people like them. It’s true outside social media as well.

I hate to bash the leverage of social media, but are people really being brought together in a new way? My opinion is, not always. Even as I examine my own social media endeavors I realize, the majority of the people that I interact with are my college friends, hometown buddies, co-workers, clients, family, and career-like minded people. Other than that, I can’t really account for much of the other engagement that occurs across my array of social networking profiles.

In addition to people centralizing their social conversation around a relitivly narrow selection of genres of people (way to wordy), studies also show that certain socioeconomic groups tend to flock to specific social media networks over others. For example, during the 2006-7 school year, conversations with high school students showed a trend of white, upper-class and college-bound teenagers migrating to Facebook. Meanwhile, less educated and nonwhite teenagers were on MySpace. The interviewer, Danah Boyd, a social media researcher at Microsoft Research New England, noted that old-style class arrogance was also in view; the Facebook kids were quicker to use condescending language toward the MySpace users. “What we’re seeing is a modern incarnation of white flight,” Says Boyb. “It should scare the hell out of us.”

Others have mounted quantitative studies that confirm these divides. A December 2008 study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project showed that, over all, Facebook users were more likely to be male and have completed college, while MySpace users were somewhat more likely to be female, black or Hispanic, and to have not completed college. Since that study, however, Facebook has boomed and the social network landscape has no doubt changed significantly.

Ms. Boyd’s contention is that social media “mirrors and magnifies” our social divisions, rather than removes them. “We can use technology as a tool to connect with people, but we can’t assume that it will eliminate all of the serious issues we have to face in this country,” Ms. Boyd said at PDF. “Pervasive social stratification is being reified in a new era. If we don’t address this head-on, inequality will develop deeper roots that will further cement divisions in our lives.”

So my question to the reader is, do you think Social Media (and more specifically social networking) is in fact fostering an online environment of Cohesion among all people, or one reinforcing the haunting socioeconomical divisions that remain so deeply rooted in America’s past, present, and possibly future?

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Scoops Top Five Reasons She

Scoops Here.

This Friday, instead of delivering the latest popular social/ media news topic, I wanted to take a little time and reflect on why I love social media so much. So here it goes…

1. TRENDING TOPICS. I am able to make up ridiculous trending topics with the hopes of it will catch on. Being on the Top Twitter Trends is my goal, for example my latest project is #bustalyric. I started off as fun between @pmaloney and I while in the office, but now I really think it has the chops to catch on! All you do is put in your favorite lyric (characters permitting of course) and then #bustalyric. It actually gets quite addicting.

2. MIND SPEAK. What is great about social media and especially through ‘Talk Is Cheap’ I get to have a voice in many circumstances and topics to where I would not typically be able to. We all have opinions on stuff, so it is always great to have a platform to speak your mind whether it be a great recommendation or just a full out rant.

3. LOYAL SOCIALMEDIALITES. The power of social media and the effect it has on people. For example, and you know who you are, the Twitter watchers who can have a reply within seconds and a new post every five minutes. Most would believe that these people have no life and too much time on their hands, maybe for some that is the case–but for most they just enjoy being apart of the proverbial conversation. These are not just people who listen they are always contributing to it as well!

4. iGOOGLE. Not the most relevant social media contribution, but this is my post and I am going to mention it anyway. My iGoogle page does it all for me. I have my RSS Reader where I check out all the new happening among SoME blogs and bookmarking sites. Where do you think I find all my cool news stories from! Not just to keep me informed, it does so much more for me. It can tell me how to say ‘scoops’ in Turkish, what the 5 day forecast is going to be, but most importantly it is home to my virtual penguins and turtles. That’s cool.

5. iPHONE APPS. Social media is everywhere, especially when you have an iphone. My phone is just an extension of when I am not at work or in front of my Macbook at home. Thanks to the Facebook, LinkedIN and Tweetdeck applications I can stay connected on my terms—and that’s how I like it!

So there it was. It is not meant to be technical or provide any profound revelations about why social media is important. It is just some a few ways social media just does it for me.