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Blackberry Releasing BBM App for Android and the iPhone This Summer!

The creation of a Blackberry Messaging app for Android and iPhone is a major step forward for Blackberry, but it is also quite the risk. With the number of BlackBerry users slowly declining over the last couple of years, BlackBerry knew that they needed to make moves in order to attract more customers. By making their famous BBM system available to Android and iPhone users, they are opening up their business to a much wider audience.

            The timing is right for Blackberry to release their BBM messaging app to Android and iPhone users. To counteract their declining customer base, and bring back some of their customer base, Blackberry had to do something. By making the BBM service available on other platforms and services, Blackberry will generate much needed, positive publicity about their app and the company as a whole. Personally I have been quite fascinated by the BBM messaging system. I’ve had friends who had or have Blackberries and absolutely love them and the BBM messaging system. As someone who has the iPhone and is just used to ordinary texting, the BBM messaging system seems like a strong upgrade over texting. The BBM app is also ideal for people who can’t afford or do not have large data plans. BBM is also well liked by many travelers as you can use BBM anywhere in the world, while some other texting services may not be compatible overseas. With an expected release date sometime this summer, it will definitely be an app worth checking out.

            While this all could be very good for Blackberry, there is a potential risk here for Blackberry. With this new availability of the free BBM app on Androids and iPhone, there is the potential that many Blackberry users could jump ships from Blackberry to an iPhone or an Android, thus taking away business from Blackberry. Why could this happen? Some current Blackberry customers could only be using Blackberry because of the BBM messaging. If current Blackberry customers have only stuck with Blackberry because of the BBM messaging, then they will be very tempted to switch to the iPhone or Android. This is not what Blackberry would want. This would prove the app to be quite counter productive to Blackberry’s bottom line. Overall this app is a gamble. It could provide great publicity, and potentially bring in more business to Blackberry. Or the app could backfire and Blackberry will continue to lose more customers to the iPhone and Android. And with new incentive for BBM fanatics to leave Blackberry and still have their beloved BBM could be very bad for Blackberry. What do you think this bold move will do for Blackberry?

iPad Mini’s Anticipated Release- Apple’s Savior?

Rumors are circulating that Apple is about to reveal its newest tech gadget, the iPad mini. The iPad mini will be closer to (but still larger than) the Kindle Fire in size and is likely to sell for an amount in the $199-$299 range. Of course, Apple has not made public any official statements, just a strategically placed leak here or there, but the iPad mini is expected to hit the stores sometime before the Holidays. adding to the growing list of affordable cool technology gift options.

Although Apple has steadily been on a valuation incline this year, as of Tuesday October 9, 2012, Apple stock had decreased by 10 percent. Hopefuls look to the release of the iPad mini to turn things around. According to the Wall Street Journal over 10 million units of the iPad mini have already been ordered. The iPhone 5 and the speculated iPad mini are two of the products unveiled since the death of Apples co-founder Steve Jobs. Since his death the company has tried to live up to the image that the icon once spectacularly portrayed. Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO has had the tough task of trying to integrate his personality into the company. The release of the iPad mini will be one of his first steps. What do you think of the iPad mini?

Best iPad Apps For Small Business

Consolidate all the bells and whistles of your company office desk into your iPad with these nifty apps.


This app is exclusively designed for Apple and helps you create and edit letters, memos, and reports. It works with iCloud and comes with 16 templates.

Price: $9.99


Provides task management by project, place, person or date. It comes with a map that helps you see the actions closest to you, allows you to break large tasks into smaller ones, and coordinates with Siri. The top rated task management app in the iTunes app store!

Price: $19.99 on iPhone; $39.99 on iPad


Send and schedule updates for your social media profiles from almost anywhere. HootSuite also lets you translate from over 50 languages.

Price: Free for up to five social media profiles

Hoot Suite

Intuit Go Payment

Accept credit cards with your iPad using this free card reader and app.


Create quick diagrams, process charts, page layouts, etc with built-in stencils and more. It turns your iPad into a canvas.

Price: $49.99


Access your photos, docs, and videos anywhere with Dropbox!

Price: Free

Drop Box


Sign documents from your i.Pad securely using your finger or a stylus.

Price: Free

Quickoffice Pro HD

#1 office editing suite for iPad helps you create and edit Microsoft Office docs, spreadsheets, and power points along with PDF files.

Price: $19.99

Scanner Pro

Scan checks, agreements, and receipts with your iPhone/iPad.

Price: $6.99
Scanner Pro 4

iThoughts HD

Got an idea? Capture them, sort them visually, and share with others with iThoughts HD!

Price: $9.99


With this app, you’ll never need a pen and notebook again!

Price: $0.99