Building A Quality E-mail List

This is the first of four entries in our e-mail marketing blog series.

Without a quality recipient list, an effective e-mail campaign is difficult, if not impossible, to execute. For every additional year, a company loses 25 percent of its e-mail subscribers. To avoid such unpleasant turnovers in your e-mail list,

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“Your move, Instagram” – Mobli

Move over Instagram. There’s a new photo-sharing app in town and it is bound to change the game in the already revolutionary photo-sharing app marketplace.

Mobli is available for iPhone users, Android users and even you loyal Blackberry users out there. (Instagram is not available for Blackberry users at the moment.)

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The New Foursquare Is Here: Where Will You Check-Into?

The updated Foursquare has made a fantastic app even better. The app has now been streamlined to three simple tabs; Friends, Explore, and User.

The Friends tab now lets you like and comment on activity just as you do on Facebook and Twitter.

‘Explore’ is a nifty new tab which allows you

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Using Songs In Advertisements The Right Way

The Black Keys’ suing Pizza Hut for using a rendition of their song “Gold on the Ceiling” to advertise their pizza is not the first time an artist has voiced distaste over their song’s use in a commercial and definitely it won’t be the last. When used in the right

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