Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom

Interested about hearing the effects of social networking? I was watching the news and Soumitra Dutta was discussing his book co-authored with Matthew Fraser titled “Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom.” This book describes how the Web 2.0 revolution is transforming  life, work, and the world. It assesses the  impact of Web

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Facebook Update / Makeover

In order to keep up with new technologies and competition you must always improve. This time it was  Facebook had to do some upgrading. This is a brilliant move on their part, since people are always looking for different, better ways to communitcate. You can find out more here. Let

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Twitter Etiquette In Congress

As many of you may know Congress has caught hold of the twitter bug. This has led to the debate as to wether it’s appropriate to text during a Presidential State of the Union Address as Rep. Joe Barton of Texas did when he twittered the start of the Aggie’s

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Branding – Why And How

I’ve always been amazed by how the pendulum of time pulls things in and out of fashion – how things that were once widely accepted as good an important, are suddenly shelved, only to become front and center again a few years later.

I’m not talking about hem-lines or designer shoes.

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Celebrities Twitter – now I want to too!

celebrities twitter.*

Famous twitterers John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher, Rainn Wilson . . .

This makes Twitter even cooler.

Now we want to tweet so we can we awesome too. . .

@pmaloney @acupples @girish @kbraga @strategisadv

*Yes, this article is just a superfluous plug for our twitter feeds.

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Facebook: IM AM SO SO SORRY!

So we all know by now that Facebook decided to change its Terms of Service, allowing them to pilfer all our content and data. As our right to want to delete our accounts before all our pictures and all other UGC gets owned, Facebook is on bended knee before we

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Something to learn from…

Amongst all the emailed videos I (George) gets, this one really stoodout. This video makes you stop and think how simple it is to get along when you have differences. Take a look and you will be moved to look past our differences.

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Facebook for Charity

Here’s a timely article. Using Facebook to promote social responsibility, some youngsters create facebook cause to benefit the family who’s house was destroyed in the crash of Continental Airline’s flight 3407 earlier this month.

We surely understand the impact social media and social networking can have on philanthropic causes – as we

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