The New PS4 and Social Integration

By now you have probably heard that Sony has unveiled the new PS4, the first console to be released in 7 years! What you probably don’t know however, is unlike previous PlayStations, Sony has created the PS4 with a social integration twist. I personally feel this is a great selling

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Facebook in the Hot Seat Again

Nowadays, it seems that Facebook can’t seem to distance itself from controversy surrounding modifications and enhancements to its social media service. In recent news, executives have implemented a monetary fee for persons who wish to direct message fellow users who are not considered their “friends” on Facebook. For example, an

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#HappyTechsGiving! An Honest Reflection of Our Favorite Online Marketing Tools

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we at Strategis have taken some time to reflect on the things that we are thankful for when it comes to online marketing. From social media management apps to online advertising tools, new developments in web technology have made our jobs much easier as

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