Best Degree…Ever.

Kristin Here, just wanted to point out what I could have only wished for this in college. Much love for my alma mater Bryant University, but a Master’s Degree in social networking is awesome. According to Stan Shroeder, Birmingham City University will begin next year offering a year course in social

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Back to School


No this is not about the movie with Rodney Dangerfield or me going taking classes again.  This was about me going back to my alma mater, Bridgewater State College to speak to a PR class of juniors and seniors about the ever-changing world of advertising and marketing and social media.

Besides thinking “I

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Man’s Best Friend SoMe

Vote for ME!
With all the social media sites out there, I can’t say I am not surprised that social media is now going to the dogs. Cute as Hell is a new social network for pet owners that just launched in beta. The creator Erick Laubach designed Cute as Hell

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The Herald Revels in the Globes Peril…

Even with financial woes effecting all newspapers, the “Better you than Me” attitude still applies and the Herald is more than happy to report on how the Globe was chosen by 24/7 Wall Street as the 5th paper likely to fold or go digital. The Top Ten Include:


1.) The Philadelphia

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What Is Web 2.0

[youtube=]Let’s try to make it clear and simple. Most of all let’s all get on the same page. Check out this great video.

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It’s aggravating to me the overload of books being written about how-to social media. Just like when search marketing became the next big thing, there were a ton of books and articles popping up, telling everyone how important search.  Of course, I’m not talking about all books and articles on

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Um Hello?

So I (Adam) went to get my hair cut last night. I checked in and the receptionist, who was no Pam Beesly, told me to “Have a sit over there.” I went “over there” and there were four people (3 women and 1 guy) already having a “sit”. As I

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