Changes to LinkedIn cause some controversy.

Ah, the uproar of social media – even the slightest change to a network will cause huge commotion! We all remember Facebook’s attempt to change its privacy rules. Facebook users came back with a gabillion (is that a word?) negative responses to this change. Today’s victim? LinkedIn. They actually went

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Tools for the Facebook Power User

Scoops Kristin Here-For most people who are on Facebook religiously, they seem to think that they know everything about the site and its capabilities. If you are one of them, check and see if you know about the tools below:

For Power User Eyes Only

So are you a Power User yet?

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Which type of Social Media Adopter are you?

Obsessed and enamored with the technology, this individual is always adopting the latest social technologies. This individual is fickle with tools, won’t establish loyalty to websites, may move when they see colonists adopt the tool.

Example: Often experimenting with products in their beta stage, this person will quickly move on to

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Picking out a laptop.


Getting a laptop is a huge process these days, being that there are a gazillion models & brands. Personally, I have been using Toshibas & Sony VAIO laptops for last 10 years, and with the technologies improving every day it is hard to pick out a great laptop that will

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Some just don’t get it…

Amanda Vega makes a great point on her blog that “Agencies claim to do social media: putting commercials on YouTube, creating Facebook groups, and even sometimes making cute contests online. That isn’t truly social media.” Check out her complete post.

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