Social Media Monitoring and Your Online Presence

Dolores and I had the opportunity to speak at the State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (SOMWBA) Access to Sales & Marketing event this afternoon.  We spoke to the group about the importance of understanding and monitoring your web presence and using the information you find to answer

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The Social Media ROI Calculator

Scoops Here. For many agencies, including Strategis, we always get the same question when trying to get clients to jump on to the social media bandwagon–How do we know the return on social media? And in all cases, the answer is…You Can’t Fully. There are programs you can put in

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NEW Facebook Usernames

As of Saturday June 13 all Facebook users are going to faced with a choice, not a difficult one but a simple one. What will your new URL username be? Finally, Facebook decides to get rid of its randomly assigned number system for URLs.

Facebook usernames will make it easier for

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Bing that, I’ll stick with Google.

Thats exactly what many predict will be said by the loads of Google users entering over 30 billion search requests a year. Bing, Microsoft’s new “revolutionary” search engine, doesn’t directly say it, but basically wants to give Google (and the other heavy hitters) a run for it’s money. So

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Optimize that Facebook (The Business Side)

That’s right. In today’s social media world, Facebook Business pages are becoming THE next hot thing in strategic marketing. That being said, it’s apparently important that organizations discover ways to effectively optimize their pages.

Because of social Media/Marketing’s very nature, much of the added exposure provided by

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Do You Know Your Brands?

@acupples–Save Money. Live Better—What did you just say?

That’s what I asked my 6 year old when he said Save Money. Live Better after I said “We need to go the supermarket”. Quick Quiz. Do you know what company uses that slogan/tagline? Walmart

That got me thinking. With all the marketing dollars

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Time well spent going niche…

Is it better to spend time and a significant amount of effort in landing your content on Digg or pitching smaller niche social media outlets? As everyone knows a placement on the front-page of the Digg could catapult you to uber SoMe celebrity status. But it comes with a cost

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