To all of the information highway skepticals, many have discussed the groundbreaking election of president Obama and its significants in modern American history, but think about this – what other campaign, in any context, is bigger than a presidential campaign? Not many. Obama’s campaign staff realized one centrally important concept.

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Jackson’s death a homicide?

Yesterday members of the Drug Enforcement Administration and LAPD obtained a warrant permitting the search of Michael Jackson’s most recent doctor’s (Dr. Conrad Murray of Huston) office. During the search, which was officially documented as for the purpose of obtaining evidence that may suggest that the offense of manslaughter was

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Apple: Astonishing Sales In a Slumping Economy

In the midst of  a recession that has swooned the US economy, many corporations both large and small have felt the effects and thus, have anticipated down turns in almost all areas of financial performance. Even so, a small percentile of the top performers have managed to continuously witness substantial

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Banner to accept city’s loan offer

The Bay State Banner, Boston’s only black-owned newspaper, plans to accept a $200,000 loan from the city to stay afloat, despite criticism that the money could compromise its impartiality during an election year. The newspaper, which has a weekly circulation of 30,000 copies and has struggled with slumping advertising revenue,

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Watching Your Every Tweet!

Many people wonder who is interested in reading tweets about what people had for breakfast. Well, here’s one answer: cereal makers like Kellogg’s and Quaker Oats.

Advertisers are starting to target ads to you based on what you say on Twitter. And if you tweet something nice about a product, you

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Scoops Here.

On August 13th Scoops will be suffering a major loss of her beloved WBCN rock format. Don’t get me wrong, I do love New England Sports, but this is a tough pill to swallow. It was over 40 years ago that WBCN-FM retired its classical format and became a

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