Instagram Turns It Up a Notch

The upgrades continue! On August 7th, Instagram announced some new additions, including a video feature that will allow for its app users to upload videos previously taken on their smart phones (you can finally post that video from last year of you going skydiving!). As simple of an upgrade as

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What Women Want… From Banks That Is

The question that men have been struggling to find an answer to for years and years: what do women want? While this question may never be answered completely, we have an idea of what women want from their banks. According to MasterCard Worldwide, 95% of women make financial decisions for

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Netflix Viral Marketing Campaign

            If you are a Netflix member/ user, you probably already have heard about the new season of Arrested Development that just came out this past Sunday. There have been several areas where Netflix has been advertising its release. Personally, I have Netflix on my Xbox, and the first thing

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No Advertising on Google Glass

Google Glass, which has no official release date to the public, could possibly be the most incredible piece of technology that will change the way we humans interact with each other. In an interview with Project Glass leader Babak Parviz, Parviz said that “at the moment, there are no plans

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What Do Your “Likes” Say About You?

According to the AP (London) wire, a recent study worked on in part by Cambridge University researcher David Stillwell says clicking the thumb might say more about you than you want people to know.

Facebook says 2.7 million likes are clicked everyday and almost 60,000 US Americans agreed to allow their

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