Facebook you tricked me, again

Now I have the live feed back, but when I logged into FB this afternoon I saw newsfeeds from yesterday. I was just about to start slamming my keyboard and mouse around, cursing the social network for not working when I needed (wanted)  it to and realized that Facebook was

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Great tool – Alltop

I stumbled across this site and thought it had a great point of difference. Instead of just answering a question like “How many Twitter accounts are there?” they drill deeper and answer the question, “What are the profile of Twitter users?” They do this by collecting the headlines of the

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Oh Google, you’ve done it again!

When it comes to online money making opportunities, Google tends to be the first with its hand in the cookie jar. Leading the way as a search engine icon, Google has just announced its newest endeavourer—tapping in to the music industry and launching an online music search service.

As in-store

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i spy with my little search engine

or big search engines…

Monitoring the online conversation just got easier as both Bing and Google have penned deals with Twitter allowing the search giants to mine Tweets for their search results.

What does this mean for you?  Real time twitter results for Google and Bing search queries are on the horizon.


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Losing… : < (

There is nothing we hate worse than losing. (Ok, maybe not getting the opportunity to fairly compete when you are well suited to do so.) Reason being we only compete when we have at least a 70% chance of winning.

We understand losing is a part of life and especially in our

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Bored? Goby Search….

Scoops Here.
Bored today? Inspired to learn about something new? Your prayers have been answered with Goby. Not just known for having the cutest dag gone fish out there, it is highlighted in Mashable’s Spark of Genius series, which highlights unique startups.
So here is the skinny on Goby…it is a search engine

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How Do Your ReTweets Spread?

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Have you ever retweeted a story  and thought..where does it go? and is who else has caught on? Well, TweetMeme has proved to be a powerful tool for online publishers. TweeMeme already has analytics tools and packages, but they have also decided to delve into a complementary tool to their existing offering

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