Connecting to Everything You Care About = Clutter

Last month, Facebook revealed its latest update by introducing the new “Community Pages” and subsequently caused waves of confusion (and then anger) amongst its users. The new Community Pages arrived to replace what were once “Fan Pages” and insert themselves – uninvited – into our personal profiles, making it impossible

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Social Media—Then and Now—Part Deux

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)
So I know you have been counting down the days for this post. It’s probably like waiting for the next LOST episode or the American Idol results show (ok, that’s the second AI reference in two days, wow)
Last week I wondered how people view Social

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Social Media—Then and Now—Part 1

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

Almost a year ago I spoke at the South Shore Young Professionals group on how branding/networking has completely changed with the use of Linked-In,  Facebook, Twitter, Blogging etc… know, the usual theme of what I write about.

As I prepare (well not at this exact moment, I

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Now you can Follow us on LinkedIn!!

written by: Rachel Lagesse

In case you haven’t heard or noticed yet, LinkedIn is now offering a new feature, “Follow Company.”  This new feature allows users to get notifications about activity happening from the companies they follow.

This new feature is along the lines of the Facebook fan page, but instead of

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Is Flash No Longer Necessary?

This week Steve Jobs of Apple published long open letter on Flash in which he goes over all the reasons why Apple does not support flash.

This letter goes through 6 reasons why they have decided not to use flash.

Here is a short list of what was said.


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The State of the Internet

An interesting and eye-opening video that I found on my favorite website,


Designer and purveyor of artistic brilliance Jesse Thomas, founder of JESS3, created this video for a lecture  given at the AIGA Baltimore in February 2010.

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Social Plugins into Online Shopping

Many companies have integrated social media into their advertising campaigns. The Levi’s brand however, is the first to introduce social plugins into their online shop. By doing so, Levi’s has created a “social shopping experience.”

Online shoppers can choose to “shop socially” and customers can share Levi’s products with their friends,

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Someone’s Brilliant Idea!

If you haven’t heard there are some brilliant people out there. Blippy users’ credit card numbers were exposed and all over Google. If you might not believe me but here it is.

Who in a right state of mind sits behind a computer and says to him self “I believe I

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