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If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there…….will someone read your great PR write-up in the newspaper/magazine?

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

I know what you’re thinking, did he just fall off a bull and hit his head?  Well, yes I did, but trust me on this… follow me for a minute.

My point (yes, I have one) is that everyone has heard the saying:     “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

My question (which will shed some light on my tree-falling intro) is: With declining newspaper/magazine readership , if your news/PR gets published and no one’s there to read it, does it really exist? does it matter? does it make an impact?

I bring this up (ding ding-Tip of the Day) as another reason to have a Social Networking profile(s).   Any questions?

Yes, from the gentleman in the front row: Umm, what does that have to do with trees falling in the forest?

Me: Well, nothing really.. I was just trying to make an analogy by using a famous riddle and the sad state of print journalism, and well, paper is made from trees, so that’s something.  Really, I’m just trying to get readers’ attention, can’t a blogger catch a break here?

Gentleman in the front row: Okay fine, but what’s your point?

Me: Pretend as if people are NOT going to see your PR if it gets picked up.

Oh good, question from the back row,  MOM, how’d you get in my make-believe Q&A dream-blog???!: Can you elaborate sweetie?

Me: I was going to, jeeesh.  We all know that people spend lots of time online, emailing friends/coworkers and finding content that interests them.  How will people find the content that interests them if they don’t know it exists?   People follow you on twitter, or get Linked or are friends with you on Facebook for a reason: they’re interested in your content. What better way to share your accomplishments/PR etc?  Get the URL and post it as your status update or blast it out.  Trust me, you will be surprised how many people notice it, comment, re-tweet or “like” it.

A popular question: Won’t I come across as bragging or a narcissistic self-horn-tooter?

Me: Well, maybe… it’s all about the intro.  Call out a colleague that got a great write-up.  If you work in a restaurant that got a great review on yelp, say you’re proud to be a part of it.  If you worked your butt off, landed a huge deal, and got some good PR in a trade magazine, toot your own horn! If it becomes a weekly tooting, and you’re being defriended left and right, then reevaluate your posts and lets talk!

Social Plugins into Online Shopping

Many companies have integrated social media into their advertising campaigns. The Levi’s brand however, is the first to introduce social plugins into their online shop. By doing so, Levi’s has created a “social shopping experience.”

Online shoppers can choose to “shop socially” and customers can share Levi’s products with their friends, “Like” them, or find “Top-Liked” products across their network. It’s a simple one click process to connect to Facebook. reports: Jodi Bricker, Vice President of Digital for Levi’s Americas said, “We’re creating a new social shopping experience that will change the way people shop online and, frankly, make buying jeans more fun. We’re excited to pioneer this new technology and help our loyal fans connect with our brand and share their favorite Levi’s products with friends.”

Will this be the start of something new for retail brands? Tell us what you think about this and if you’d use it while shopping online.

Someone’s Brilliant Idea!

If you haven’t heard there are some brilliant people out there. Blippy users’ credit card numbers were exposed and all over Google. If you might not believe me but here it is.

Who in a right state of mind sits behind a computer and says to him self “I believe I will give you my credit card info, no problem, what’s the worst it can happen.”  Well the worst has happened and its out there for everyone to see.

This is what Blippy had to say:

Blippy is very concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information. We employ administrative, physical and electronic measures designed to protect your information from unauthorized access. We will make any legally-required disclosures of any breach of the security, confidentiality, or integrity of your unencrypted electronically stored personal data to you via email or conspicuous posting on the Services in the most expedient time possible and without unreasonable delay, consistent with (i) the legitimate needs of law enforcement or (ii) any measures necessary to determine the scope of the breach and restore the reasonable integrity of the data system.”

Sharing your credit card and online purchases with friends on the web was not a good idea and I don’t think it will ever be no matter how secure they say it is, just because there is always that one person that is waiting to crack the code.

If you are interested in reading more click on the link below.

Allow me to introduce myself…

Hello… I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself … My name is Susana and I am the latest addition to the Strategis team.  My background includes some time served as a Marketing and Communications Associate for the nation’s largest non-profit organization and many years of servitude in the hospitality and entertainment industry.  This current foray into the world of social media marketing comes as a blessing to me, as it is opening my eyes to an innovative new world that I had previously only entered on a personal level. I am thrilled to be part of something so new and interesting, and I’m excited to bring my ideas to the table and see how they measure up.  I’m looking forward to whatever the future may hold for me here at Strategis.

it’s all about rhetoric

Big changes this week  – in social communications terms – or not. Both Facebook and Google have upgraded popular business features.

This week launches Facebook’s strategy for “Like” v. “Fan”

And Google announced the renaming of their Local Business Center to Google Places.

formerly Google Local Business Center

Of course these products are not exactly the same as their more poorly worded predecessors. There are little tweaks and perks that come along with the upgrade. Google Places will now offer a paid advertising option called Tags, where businesses can, for a small fee, be featured on Google Maps with a yellow ‘tag’, where you can attached a special offer or promotion, or as Google calls it “important aspects of their businesses,” that can be viewed by customers when they click your tag.

Facebook’s changes to the way people connect with business also accompanies the addition of Facebook Community Pages which we announced earlier this month. – But son’t worry, Facebook has created an FAQ page to answer all of your questions.

A little Spring Cleaning for your iPhone

While catching up on the latest social media news that I missed over the weekend, I came across this blog post on

If you have multiple screens of apps on your iPhone or apps that you don’t remember downloading or haven’t used in a while, then maybe your iPhone needs a little Spring Cleaning.

(Confession: I am totally obsessed with downloading apps on my iPhone…)

Consider these tips:

  • Trash the apps your not using – You can remove apps in one of two ways. Delete them straight from iTunes, where you’ll be given the choice to trash the files or just remove it from view.  Or, on your iPhone, by pressing and holding down an app and then pressing the “X” on the upper left-hand corner of the app in question (however, this will not remove the app from iTunes). You can always get the app again, especially if you’re leaving it on iTunes.
  • Organize your home screen – Since this is the easiest screen to get to in one click, the apps here must be optimized for your use. You can move anything on this page, including the native apps. You can even rearrange the bar at the bottom. Apps that go on the front screen should be the ones used most frequently and needed for quick access.
  • Categorize your apps – location based, productivity, finance, fitness, games, misc.

I found these tips to be pretty helpful. Even if your iPhone isn’t cluttered with tons of apps now… it’s a good thing to consider and start organizing before it gets out of hand.

And the downside of Social Media . . .

How fast everyone finds out about typos like this. “Freshly Ground Black People” in the Australian Cookbook the Pasta Bible.

I must thank Twitter and the Huffington Post for its haste in spreading the word. Where did you first see it?

Using social media to promote a cause: Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution

written by Pam Maloney (@PMaloney)

Facebook fans of Jamie Oliver saw a post in their news feeds this morning-

Oliver’s mission (and the point of his new television series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution) is to bring healthy food options into American school lunches. His program aims to show us all that the current system in place is severely broken – In one episode, Oliver gets visibly irritated after discovering that the current school lunch program he is trying to overhaul considers French fries to be a sufficient vegetable serving.

Oliver certainly isn’t the first to use social networking for this purpose. I write about him because this is a great example of how to social media tools to gain notoriety for your cause (and because it is a cause  I support).

The web page for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution promotes the spreading of his message through a variety of social media tools he is employing to rally supporters.

Covering all his bases, you can follow Jamie’s cause on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Bebo & MySpace. And he doesn’t just have these social networks set up and his fingers crossed that it will go viral.  His petitionboasts a great infographic showing support state by state across the US.  The Food Revolution site offers lots of content for sharing – how-tos and recipes for both families and schools. He even has an iphone app Jamie Oliver’s 20 minute meals.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution airs Friday nights at 9  on ABC.

Social Networking Maximization—Part Deux

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

Last week I wrote a post on Social Networking Maximization and asked my dedicated and fiercely intelligent readers to share any experiences with me on how these “virtual tools” have helped with relationship building.

One of my most loyal readers (besides my Mom… Hi Mom!) Brenna brought up an excellent point.  Many companies fall into this trap. Brenna commented:

 “I follow some businesses I like, only to find out quickly that they’ve set up a Facebook page or Twitter account because someone told them to, without realizing how to use it well. Posts shouldn’t be obligatory, but engaging. I think with social networking it’s not so much about getting your name or logo in someone’s news feed as it is really offering something of interest.”

EXACTLY!!!  Thanks Brenna for articulating the point so well… that would have taken me three posts to get the point across! When I talk to companies, the first, second, and third thing I say about social networking is content, CONTENT, C  O  N T  E  N  T!  

If you provide content that is engaging, educational, etc… people, comments, interaction and a magical relationship will follow.  Okay, maybe not magical, but you get my point…

Secondly, just because everyone else has a FB Fan page, Twitter, Blog, it doesn’t mean you need them all. Pick one and focus on it. Develop the engaging content that your followers are looking for and start the conversations, don’t just preach to them. 

You can find relevant content anywhere: whether it’s an article you read, an incident that happened at work, or a random thought you want to share. Go deep into using this “virtual tool” of choice.  Don’t start too big and spread yourself thin.  Pick one and run with it.