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The Death of the Rolodex

Before social networking sites like Facebook, synchronized address books, and smartphones (iPhone) everyone had to memorize and organize thousands of contacts. Or have a Rolodex!

There were the people who stapled cards onto the Rolodex pages (that’s me! Storage for my business cards!) and people who hand wrote all the information. Cards could be added or tossed or shared with ease. It was a genius, efficient and highly personal way of staying in tough.

When the Rolodex first started selling in the 1950s, stationery shops were skeptical that anyone would want the spindly device on their desk. By the 1980s, however, the Rolodex had become such an icon that lawsuits where filed by companies who accused employees of taking them with them when they left – having a Rolodex filled with important names meant everything!

It’s amazing how technology alters the means by which we function. The use of social networks allow people to keep track of their contacts and even sync them to their smart phones. What ever happen to memorizing your important phone numbers? Or keeping a hand written address book?

How do you organize your contacts? Would you be cut-off from all your contacts if you lost your smartphone? Or do you still have a Rolodex?

I’m looking forward to Sh*t My Dad Says

If you live under a rock, here’s the scoop – –  CBS has picked up a new sitcom that is based upon the Twitter account @ShitMyDadSays. The show will star William Shatner and Ryan Devlin.

The ‘Shit My Dad Says ‘ account owner, Justin Halpern, started the Twitter account, which features lewd, hysterical comments and one liners said by his dad, after a bad breakup drove the then twenty-something to move back in to his dad’s house. CNN offers the run down and a few clips here (side note: Anyone who wants to comment on Phil Han’s horrible delivery can tweet me @pmaloney – my favorite line was that this was a “Reminder to us all that we never know who might be reading our Twitter page. So make sure it’s pretty good if you want a shot at your own show.”)

There are a ton of things I could bring up about this show:

1. How it makes me sad that they will have to verbalize the first word in the shows title as “Bleep”

2. That the Parents Television Council is condemning the show for curing in the title.

3. The historical significance of the first television show based upon a twitter account.

4. The fact that the only account that @ShitMyDadSays is following is that of LeVar Burton @levarburton


I felt that this show, pass or fail, is significant in enough ways that it’s mention on this blog was justified.

The premise itself is funny – and familiar. Last year I had to make the hard decision to move my family into my father’s house. I was not familiar with Halpern’s twitter account, but was very familiar with the hysterical ramblings of a loud, cantankerous older man – my dad.

Leading up to the move, I thought often about starting up a blog of the crazy things my dad would shout out – usually at the television – and sharing it with friends and family who knew him. I thought at the time, I’d keep it a secret from him – because I wouldn’t want to compromise the integrity of his ramblings.

To Mr. Halpern’s credit –  this is the stuff that makes social media so great. A real life version of what reality television strives for, honest entertainment.

For year’s he’d probably told and retold crazy musings from his dad. His friends that had bravely engaged the man in conversation probably told and retold, and are probably kicking themselves that they didn’t come up with the ShitJustinsDadSays Twitter account first.

Sadly, I did not start the ‘Quoting Mr. Davis blog’, and my dad passed away earlier this year. He would have thought the idea for this show was fantastic, though probably not as fantastic  as Jan Michael Vincent or Mega-Shark Vs. Giant Octopus.  (c’mon, the cgi megashark jumps out of the water and eats a cgi 747!)

by Pam Maloney

Fun with Facebook Applications Settings

by Pam Maloney @PMaloney

Have you been to your Facebook application settings page? If you haven’t been, I think it’s time.

For frequent Facebook users what you find may surprise you. Your Facebook application settings page will show you a list of applications that have access to your information. I was shocked at the size of this list.

Facebook users as a whole go through phases of what is cool and fun or interesting in the way of applications – – And if you are like me – you see something trending and feel the need to try it out – you remember Living Social lists, Lil Green Patch, Farkle, Word Challenge, PathWords, Send Beer, or maybe you still Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Daily Horoscope … . Or maybe you have friends that send you lots of intriguing quizzes – Which Golden Girls Character are you? Which Adam Sandler movie best represents your life? What Bon Jovi Sound Are you? What is your Leprechaun name? All of these things could have access to your information.

Have some time to kill? Go to your Facebook Application Settings and have a looksy…

Will Social Media Change Television?

Social Media has created a place for customers and consumers to express their thoughts and opinions about brands, products, services… anything, you name it! Now it’s becoming a platform for viewers to express their love and hate for network programming.

According to, NBC is revealing a brand new network loyalty program in which social media plays a starring role. Fan It is a social media platform with myNBC (NBC’s online community for fans), Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Foursquare integration that rewards users who promote, interact and discuss NBC shows.

Fans can earn points by watching videos on, liking shows, chatting and recruiting friends that can be redeemed for NBC merchandise, show previews, virtual goods, badges and sweepstakes entires.

This could be the next step for social media and an important new element in measuring audience engagement, not only for television but for other industries as well. What do you think?

Connecting to Everything You Care About = Clutter

Last month, Facebook revealed its latest update by introducing the new “Community Pages” and subsequently caused waves of confusion (and then anger) amongst its users. The new Community Pages arrived to replace what were once “Fan Pages” and insert themselves – uninvited – into our personal profiles, making it impossible to list anything in the Information section without automatically including a link leading to a Community Page on that topic.

While the Facebook Help Center explains that this update is an improvement from the previous format because the new pages “enable you to see what people are saying about the things that matter to you,” I couldn’t help but feel a little exposed as I realized that if I could see all of the people linked to the Community Page that I was linked to, then that entire community could obviously see me…

My frustration further mounted as I went on to investigate what a Community Page actually consists of and discovered that the content is comprised entirely of text and images from Wikipedia, which Facebook has licensed under the creative commons license.

So, my personal profile is now linked to thousands of stranger’s profiles and narrated by an anonymous voice at Wikipedia while being crowded with icons that I cannot remove. I know I’m not the only one concerned by this sudden loss of control over my profile’s content because I’ve been subjected to my friends’ complaints and threats of profile deletion since the changeover began in mid-April. I had hoped that somehow my account might escape this dreaded fate, however, my profile just mutated last night so I feel compelled to ask if anyone out there was troubled by the latest Facebook update and if so, has it grown on you?

Let me know…

Social Media—Then and Now—Part Deux

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

So I know you have been counting down the days for this post. It’s probably like waiting for the next LOST episode or the American Idol results show (ok, that’s the second AI reference in two days, wow)

Last week I wondered how people view Social Media NOW one year after a speaking session on the same topic

Here is what I found out.

1. People are taking it a lot more seriously and not thinking of it as a passing fad. Unlike Vanilla Ice, pegged jeans, or fondue, I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay!

2. People understand they need to have a social media presence. They need to develop a footprint for themselves and their company, BUT…….

3. They still don’t know where and how to start.

4. More people are interested in blogging. I was surprised by the amount of talk and questions on the subject — way more than last year.

5. The two top concerns of last year: not having enough time to devote to it and the fear of negative comments were not brought up this year. I think this shows the maturity and legitimacy of social media and that people have accepted it. First, you must devote the time or else your competitor will. Second, you can’t be afraid. Negative comments, whether from the mouth or the keyboard, are a part of doing business. You can’t shy away from them, you have to accept them and improve no matter which way you receive them.

So I throw it out to you, have you figured out your own social media system? Are you afraid if someone says something negative about you or the company? If it’s happened, how did you react? Are you excited for AI results show tonight and/or the season finale of LOST?

And the Winner of the Strategis T-shirt is…….

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

Like American Idol I’m going to make you wait until I announce the winner of the Strategis T-Shirt after the commercial break (well no commercials but want you to read this first).

Pam and I had the opportunity to speak and hold a Q&A session on Social Media at the SSWBN Communication Revolution on May 6th. Reason it was Q&A because after hearing other people speak on Social Media, Networking etc….we have seen time and time again how people are soooooo excited to get going on there Facebook Fan (Like) Page and/or LinkedIn profile but then get overwhelmed and the head starts spinning (not literally but really does feel that way). Hopefully after hearing us the head spinning stopped and drove home safely.

(Commercial break over)

Now for what you have been waiting for (insert drum roll)…….


Social Media—Then and Now—Part 1

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

Almost a year ago I spoke at the South Shore Young Professionals group on how branding/networking has completely changed with the use of Linked-In,  Facebook, Twitter, Blogging etc… know, the usual theme of what I write about.

As I prepare (well not at this exact moment, I guess you could call this procrastinating) for my speaking session tomorrow at the SSWBN Communication Revolution (ahem 2:30-3:35) it got me thinking (NO, not about what tie I’m going to wear) but rather, I wonder how people view Social Media NOW – one year later – and if the same popular questions will come up.

Will people take it more seriously, instead of thinking of it as a passing fad? 

Will someone say “Hey nice tie”?

Will everyone be so well-versed and not need to hear my tips?

Will I get booed??

Will people say “I don’t have enough time”?

 I have some ideas but would love to hear what you think and stay tuned for next week’s post on how it’s changed.

Now you can Follow us on LinkedIn!!

written by: Rachel Lagesse

In case you haven’t heard or noticed yet, LinkedIn is now offering a new feature, “Follow Company.”  This new feature allows users to get notifications about activity happening from the companies they follow.

This new feature is along the lines of the Facebook fan page, but instead of receiving status updates from the companies you follow, you will instead get information such as recent hires and promotions, new job opportunities and company profile updates.

There are two ways to follow companies — either you can go to the company’s profile page to follow it or you can follow a company from a person’s profile — just click on a company name and the option to follow that company will appear.

Follow Strategis!

Is Flash No Longer Necessary?

This week Steve Jobs of Apple published long open letter on Flash in which he goes over all the reasons why Apple does not support flash.

This letter goes through 6 reasons why they have decided not to use flash.

Here is a short list of what was said.

  • Adobe’s Flash products are 100% proprietary. They are only available from Adobe along with their future enhancement, pricing, etc.
  • Almost all the videos are available in a more modern format, H.264, and viewable on iPhones, iPods and iPads.
  • Symantec recently highlighted Flash for having one of the worst security records in 2009.
  • H.264 videos play for up to 10 hours, while videos decoded in software play for less than 5 hours before the battery is fully drained.
  • Flash was designed for PCs using mice, not for touch screens using fingers.
  • We cannot be at the mercy of a third party deciding if and when they will make our enhancements available to our developers.

If you would like to check out the full letter click here.

Looking over this list there are few good points but also couple really bad ones. I understand the battery life, that is very important with the smart phones, no one wants to have a 5 hour phone. As far as security I disagree, I have been using flash since it first came out and I have yet to have an security issue. No one really watches flash videos anymore, that’s why there is YouTube. The whole thing about flash being proprietary, which business isn’t, Apple? Issue of the mouse rollover, that is not the Flash problem that is Apple developers problem, due to the fact that they have to figure out how it works. So overall in my opinion I think this letter is pretty useless and full of excuses. Me as a user would like to see flash on it just because most of the major websites are created partially using flash, so it is a inconvenience to me as a apple iPhone user.

Let me know how you feel about this.