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Picking out a laptop.


Getting a laptop is a huge process these days, being that there are a gazillion models & brands. Personally, I have been using Toshibas & Sony VAIO laptops for last 10 years, and with the technologies improving every day it is hard to pick out a great laptop that will not become obsolete in half a year. Looking around and doing a great deal of research, come to find out new HP Pavilion and its duo processors are incredible. These laptops have large monitor and run on a battery that does not really heat up which was one of my main problems with Toshiba. It runs smooth and quiet. Having 8G of RAM is borderline insane, which works wonders with the design programs like Illustrator, Photoshop and others. Its sleek design, silent keyboard, touch controls and extra tweaks here and there, make this laptop “fantabulous”.

I can honestly tell you out of the laptops that I have used HP Pavilion takes the cake.

Will Journalism Outlive the Death of its Institutions

With some of the largest papers in threat of bankruptcy or going completely digital, many believe that journalism is on the brink of extinction. For people like David Cohn, that will never be the case if they have any part in it. For five months, his reader-funded journalism project called has been providing a platform for local reporters to get paid while researching the stories that people want to read.

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Best Degree…Ever.

Kristin Here, just wanted to point out what I could have only wished for this in college. Much love for my alma mater Bryant University, but a Master’s Degree in social networking is awesome. According to Stan Shroeder, Birmingham City University will begin next year offering a year course in social networking discussing social networking sites as marketing and communications tools.

For 4,400 pounds or $6,239 you can get a Master’s Degree.

Although my first reaction is ummmm..jealous that is so flippin awesome, the more realistic and logical side to me is wondering why would someone pay for this?! With a little time and intellectual curiosity, anyone can be a social networking guru. Ok, so if you are on a ten year plan with graduating and you are running out of concentration options or money is not an option then this may be for you.

The moral of the story is social networking is great and the best way to learn it is getting out there and putting what little research you need to do into practice. Most of all have fun doing it, isn’t that what social media is all about my friends!

Back to School


No this is not about the movie with Rodney Dangerfield or me going taking classes again.  This was about me going back to my alma mater, Bridgewater State College to speak to a PR class of juniors and seniors about the ever-changing world of advertising and marketing and social media.

Besides thinking “I am so happy I am not taking a test today” as I entered the classroom, I also found myself thinking “I’m so old it’s been almost 13 years since I had a class here!”


There I was, standing in front of 12 students telling them how I got into the field. I talked about our accounts, the magical world of sales , crazy stories behind some of our creative masterpieces and how they all should be learning and using social media not only to help brand themselves but to familiarize themselves with how companies and organizations can use it to brand and market too. We talked about how with the changing landscape of media and the down-spiral of the economy, more and more companies are allocating money to invest in social media.  I showed them some of our favorite successes. They wanted to talk about salaries. The proverbial question – How much?

I knew everyone of them probably had an FB or MySpace page but I wanted them to look beyond social networking, to really learn social media, look into Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, article marketing, search, conversation monitoring tools etc… These students grew up with the internet and I want them to know how useful it can be for them personally and how it can help them professionally.

Walking out to my car, I was hoping at least one student reads this blog and comments and that I at least left them with something to think about…”

Thanks again to Kirsten Whitten and her class for inviting me in. I really enjoyed it! ADAM

Twitter is the Fastest Growing Community in February

Even though I only have 11 followers :( @kbraga (yes shameless self promotion applies), according to Nielsen-Twitter was the fastest growing community last month. This news gives me hope that maybe one day I will have 100 followers! Yes that is my pledge and I am sticking to it.

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Man’s Best Friend SoMe

Vote for ME!
Vote for ME!

With all the social media sites out there, I can’t say I am not surprised that social media is now going to the dogs. Cute as Hell is a new social network for pet owners that just launched in beta. The creator Erick Laubach designed Cute as Hell with such features as cuteness rating and the Thunderdome. The first lets visitors rate pets by their cuteness, while the latter is a tournament where pets compete for the title of the cutest pet.  

What is beneficial about this site is that it can be browsed without being a member of the social network, so if you like looking at cute animals all day instead of hammering at the proposal due in the afternoon-this is the place for you. It is an interactive site which has the potential to do well in the midst of sites that just provide profile information.

In the spirit of Pet SoMe and enjoying some light hearted competition, I would like to see how Pebbles would measure up on the cutest ratings scale.  

What do you think social medialites? Does she have a chance?

Vote for Pebbles!



The Herald Revels in the Globes Peril…

Even with financial woes effecting all newspapers, the “Better you than Me” attitude still applies and the Herald is more than happy to report on how the Globe was chosen by 24/7 Wall Street as the 5th paper likely to fold or go digital. The Top Ten Include:


1.) The Philadelphia Daily News, the smaller of two jointly operated papers.

2.) The Minneapolis Star Tribune, which has filed for Chapter 11 protection.

3.) The Miami Herald, hurt by the state’s severe real estate collapse.

4.) The Detroit News, the smaller of two papers in the Motor City.

5.) The Boston Globe.

6.) The San Francisco Chronicle, a deadline for closing has been set.

7.) The Chicago Sun-Times, the smaller of two city newspapers.

8.) The New York Daily News, which could see losses in the millions.

9.) The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, facing stiff competition in the Dallas market.

10.) The Cleveland Plain Dealer, located in one of the nation’s toughest markets.

The funny thing is that all the papers except the Globe have some form of reason to why they are hurting so bad. All we need to know about the Globe is that they are losing a MILLION a week. EEESSSSHH…

From what I am seeing with my clients, budgets are getting slimmer and they really do not feel like shelling out thousands of dollars for one ad.