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Ads Sales Looking Up Says CBS Radio

Scoops Here. According to MarketWatch, CBS is hopeful about its second quarter ad sales. The good news is largely the result of new and returning ad clients and growing interest in its online streaming…Cheerish the thought….

In the first quarter, revenue at CBS Radio fell 29% to $259.7 million. Operating income also plunged 62%. Now, however, trends are improving, as some advertisers who held back on spending during the fourth quarter and the first two months of the year feel the need to return to the public’s attention, says CEO Dan Mason.  Not any great figures to uphold such a great change in tone. Let me reintroduce myself today because I must be Scoops Kristin the Pessimist.


La Tee Da.

Tweets in Space

It’s official. The first Tweet from space has been sent, thanks to astronaut Mike Massimino.

Twittering in space? What could top that? Probably nothing, but here’s my top five wish list:

1. Mandated twittering from prison – Do you wanna know what Phil Spector had for lunch?  How about Manson’s daily work-out routine?  Now you can know on the go with PrisonTwitter!

2. Twittering from the womb – All those doctor’s appointments will seem unnecessary when you can follow your unborn child’s development via prenatal tweets. 

3. Twittering from the grave – conversely, keeping in touch with loved ones post mortem would also be pretty awesome. And creepy?

4. Twittering in your dreams – Your dreams might not come true but they’d probably make for some super entertaining tweets. Imagine this:

“Walked into my house but then it morphed into a supermarket,”

“going out with faceless man tonight. don’t worry, he brought the newspaper this time,”

“Just hanging out with Dwight and Jim and Alec Baldwin. Grandma remembered beers, thank god!”

5. Twittering with your mind – We whittle all thoughts down to 140 characters or less. How efficient we’d be. Publish thoughts by thinking of the “update” button.

And just for fun. This is what I was thinking of when I started this post:


Craigslist Discontinues Erotic Services for Adult Services Category

It was only a matter of time that the altruistic nature of Craigslist was to meet head on with the harsh realities of the real world. If you haven’t heard yet Craigslist will no longer have an Erotic Services category to be replaced by Adult Services. There will now be a fee to post ads to the new category and Craigslist will manually review all postings. It is unfortunate that this change was precipitated by the incident in Boston where a man is alleged to have used the Erotic Services category to meet, abduct and even kill a woman. This was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and it did. One can hope Craigslist was moving in the direction of monitoring this category much more closely. As everyone knows we all have the obligation to self monitor. If we don’t then the government will and that should be a huge fear.

Check this article out and see were some government officials are trying to get involved.

Who thinks Adam Cupples ROCKS!!??

Who thinks Adam Cupples ROCKS!!?? Great presentation at SSYP!

–  Craig Guido Owner, Almar Building & Remodeling 

No. I’m not trying to toot my own horn. OK, maybe I am. I was really excited to see this posted on the Shore Young Professionals Group’s LinkedIn discussion board. Excited because how many times do you see “[Insert your name here] Rocks!”, but also because this is exactly what I was talking about last night when I had the opportunity last night to speak about Social Media to the Shore Young Professionals Group at Sabor Market.

Networking has completely changed. Linked-In and Facebook and Twitter offer an extension of the physical event.

It used to be that you would show up at a networking event,  shake some hands, exchange a business card and go home. The next morning, you come in to the office, pull out the fuzz from you pocket with a stack of faceless business cards. You stare at them a while while you try to figure out who to reach out to for business and who you want to stay in contact with.

Last night’s event ended at 7:30 but the conversation didn’t.

I got a friend request at 10:00 that night by Wendy Hall from Your Next Meal (since you were first, you get the plug!). Then driving to work this morning my phone kept buzzing with LinkedIn requests and Twitter followers. Less than 18 hours after the event I had been contacted via social media by more than ten attendees. (guess I do rock) No pocket lint. Hardly any business cards (saving the planet). 

So here’s my plea to keep the conversation going, still. Join the Shore Young Professionals LinkedIn Group, lets get linked on LinkedIn, be my friend on Facebook and Tweet me @ACupples.

And share! I want to hear if you kept the conversation going with anyone else using these social networking tools and will follow up with another blog to tell your stories.

Lastly, I want to thank the Founders and BODs of the South Shore Young Professionals Group for having me speak last night. Greatly appreciated.

Lead Generation for 2009. Twitter!


It has never been tougher to garner leads and close sales than this year. Most companies budgets are frozen and with that so is interest in looking at new vendors. You have to be creative in searching out hot prospects and the use of social media is looking like the road to success. Strategis has witnessed it first hand, but don’t just take it from us and read this article.

How do you get your news fix?

I’ll admit it – I’m addicted to the news. No, not Huey Lewis’ talented back up band –  but the current events type.

Everymorning I am entranced by Steve Inskeep and Renee Montange of NPR’s Morning Edition. Then I get to my desk and I open,, and my iGoogle home page where I have Google Reader deliver me the news on a variety of topics I am interested in from some of my favorite columnists, news sites and bloggers.

I leave these pages open all day.  While on a phone call I am likely to be skimming the headlines clicking around on articles that look interesting and checking to see if anything new has been added. Sometimes I (guilty pleasure) click over to the celebrity or entertainment pages of these sites to see if there is any “news” there.

As I eat lunch I also consume the headlines sent to my Linked-In home page. When I have writer’s block I switch it up by reading the NY Times. When I’ve run out of interesting things to read on my “regular” sites, I head over to Google News and thumb through their top stories. I’m notorious for emailing articles and my fingers hurt from clicking share this buttons all day long.

I peruse news links on Twitter. I get mobile updates. I am a fan of WGBH and WRNI on Facebook. I’m not big on traditional television broadcast news. I’ll watch Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart (yes, I think of this as news-ish), but my local 11 o’clock news programming – – forget it.

Let’s see. Am I forgetting anything? Nope. That’s it.

While I sip my morning coffee you will notice that my hands are clean and that instead I am in front of my laptop opened to

Once in a while, I get a hankering for a newsprint, smudge crossword puzzle and I sneak over to my father-in-law’s house and I steal his copy of the Sunday  Journal.  I’d pay $.50 for that.


How much does a newspaper cost now?

Facebook Classifieds?


Have you ever walked in your house/apartment and said to your self “Hmmm, I wish I could sell that?” and not worry about if someone will rip you off. Pretty soon you will be able to post classifieds on Facebook. With this feature you can see who is buying your “stuff” without any fears. We all know Craigslist is the big dog in this category but as of late people are more skeptical of Craigslist. There are rumors floating out there that Facebooks classifieds will overpower Craigslist due to their gigantic userbase. Lets wait and see. If you would like to read more about click here.

Learn something new everyday

Time to get a social media education? Look no further.

Did you know that we hold monthly social media marketing seminars to educate the world on the power of social media? Now you do.  Right here at Strategis. The May seminar will be held on the 29th [see more details at our FB page]

In addition to these infomational lunch gatherings, we’ve taken our act on the road! See Adam next week at the South Shore Young Professionals Business Speaker Series on May 12th.

Or see pictures from some of our previous speaking engagements and social media seminars.

Send me a message if you are looking to get educated.

YouTube Says ‘Nuh uh I don’t think so’ to Advertising Publishers

Scoops Here. This coming from MediaWeek–YouTube has written warning slips to content producers who feature their own advertisers in videos. This is totally not cool to YouTube since it is against their TOS, not to mention they want to charge for their own advertising. Since they have not made a successful process on monetizing ads and have not enforced their TOS, they now have to deal with an ever growing YouTube ad black market.