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Do You Know Your Brands?


@acupples–Save Money. Live Better—What did you just say?

That’s what I asked my 6 year old when he said Save Money. Live Better after I said “We need to go the supermarket”. Quick Quiz. Do you know what company uses that slogan/tagline? Walmart

That got me thinking. With all the marketing dollars spent do you know the slogan/taglines of the major companies. Take a shot.

Match the company and slogan and let me know how you do…

Verizon Wireless
American Express
Burger King

 “15 Minutes Could Save You 15% or More on Car Insurance”

“The Ultimate Driving Machine”

 “Do More”

“I’m Lovin’ It”

“Your World. Delivered”

“Can You Hear Me Now? Good.”

“Have It Your Way”

—-How did you do?

That may have seemed simple to some, if you want to test your skills further, see if you can pass these quizzes testing your knowledge of brand’s logos  or!

Time well spent going niche…

Is it better to spend time and a significant amount of effort in landing your content on Digg or pitching smaller niche social media outlets? As everyone knows a placement on the front-page of the Digg could catapult you to uber SoMe celebrity status. But it comes with a cost and is that cost worth it. The smarter strategy is to focus on niche sites that are much easier to get your content on and are much more receptive. The name of the game is score quick and score often.

Scoops’ Top Ten Ways to Distinguish Your Blog

Scoops Here. I see so many blogs out there with their many top ten lists, so I have decided to put together one of my own. Social medialites out there love blogs, who wouldn’t, but they have a hard time thinking about what to write about and more importantly how to get the most impact from it.

So here it is…I know you are all waiting with bated breath…Scoops top ten ways to make your blog stand out.

1. Make an identity for yourself.

This is the first and in my opinion the most important part of establishing yourself and making your blog interesting. You do not have to find anything as cool as Scoops Kristin—you know I had to do it—but make sure to show your personality so it is easier for people to relate to you faster.

2. Tag! Keyword! Categorize!

So you researched and slaved away at making a primo blog post and then you post it, but with no categories or tags! That’s bananas! The best way for people to get to know what you are about and what they are read about on your blog is by looking at your tag cloud. So if you are wondering what first impression you are giving social medialites out there just look at what you are tagging, and make sure it represents what you where hopping to be as a blogger. If not, adjust! Using keywords and categories also make finding you amongst the noise more likely. I personally love the chance when I get to tag “ninja”—relevant?, not so much, but it absolutely shows my interests and personality.

3. Build a Community.

Don’t be shy! Get yourself out there! Great blogging skills will not always get you a strong fan base. Let’s face it, there are millions of blogs out there trying to generate buzz. The best way to build a community is to communicate with other bloggers. In most cases, mi casa su casa and many generous bloggers will offer to share their fan base with you by giving you a mention.

4. Blog Flair.

You don’t have to be an uber creative person to have a great blog. However, straight text will never do it for the social medialites who bleed for artwork and interactive pieces. Give your blogs posts some pizzazz with relevant pictures, artwork and videos, nothing too hard to find through Google images and YouTube. Images are cool but make sure you give your flair the respect it is due because posting copyrighted images without permission does not always go over well and will hurt your credibility.

5. Ninja-worthy quickness will set you apart from the rest.

There is nothing worse than a great blog that goes weeks between posts. It is critical to make sure that the blog is updated frequently, daily or twice a day is preferable. Furthermore, staying current is where people will appreciate your work. Staying up to date on the on current buzz, news and trends and getting it up on your blog in a rapid manner will make a big difference. The best compliment you can receive is being the first source for someone’s news or being at the top of their bookmarks.

6. Stay Relevant Bloggers!

Going beyond what I said before about staying current on news and trends, it is even more important to be outward focused to show thought leadership. Most blogs gravitate towards discussing daily topics, however the most revered bloggers make their own news. So do your research and have a fresh topic that can distinguish yourself and most of all gain you credibility.

7. You must give to receive…

Although a friendly bunch, social medialites can differentiate between a thought leader and a social media imitator. It is great to get ideas and showoff the work of fellow bloggers, but constantly using other’s posts without any new content raises red flags among your readers which can often result in diminished reliability. On the other hand, pushing posts without contributing to comments on others just means you don’t play well in the proverbial social media sandbox. It is important to maintain a balance when posting.

8. Your opinion matters.

Just as bad as not nurturing your blog on a frequent basis is to offer up a post with no opinion. Blogging was not intended to become an extension of your current local newspaper.  The news is worthy of highlighting, however it is your opinion on the story that social medialites are looking to obtain. New insight may not always be appreciated, but respected, and you would be surprised with how your angle matters.

9. Give props!

To have a great blog you are a listener just as much as you are a writer. In the quest to have a revered and insightful blog, you will stumble upon some fantastic blogs of your own. Make sure to give the author the credit he or she is due. Who knows you may just find a new fan or two along the way.

10. Be a problem solver.

A great way to grab attention with your blog is to become someone’s hero. Many search blogs to find answers to their burning questions. Whether you know how to fix a blue screen of death or are able to counsel a company on how to turn public opinion around after a major blunder, use your strengths to help others out. This approach spotlights your expertise and gives your blog chops.

Technology, social media give the book club a cool new update

When I say “book club”, what do you envision? Ladies sipping tea and discussing Jane Austen books in the sitting room? Coffee houses and books with little Oprah approved symbols on it? iPhones and Facebook? Wait, what?

BBC Audiobooks America is launching a book club, but not just any book club, an Audiobook Club. Catering to the iPod generation, this twenty-first century book club aims to introduce a new generation to the audiobook and to put a new spin on summer “reading.” The audiobook club itself is virtual, and open to anyone in the United States and Canada.

The club will moderate an open discussion at the end of the month which will take place online and will be hosted on the BBCAA’s Facebook Group’s page, giving the club a web 2.0 boost. To join the discussion one just needs to join the group now and check back between June 24-28 to participate in the moderated discussion.

Launching in June, which just happens to be Audiobook Month, the club’s first “read” will be Peter Benchley’s classic, Jaws, as they hope to engage beachgoers and shark enthusiasts. The audiobook is available by CD or for digital download and can be purchased through the BBCAA’s Facebook page.

Traditional Advertising versus Social Media Marketing

social media vs Newspapers

In todays ever progressing advertising market, social media is continuously building momentum as a factor in brand and/or product marketing, customer interaction, event promotion and countless other marketing tactics. Social media has proven to be the next big thing in the advertising world. Still, both conventional advertising and social media based efforts prove to harbor their own draw backs and limitations. Although tradition marketing tactics such as print ads or television commercials demonstrate a reliable means of “spreading the word”, they also have their limitations. For one, conventional marketing isn’t able to harness the power of the internet, and more specifically, spontaneous web browsing. Often within the social media realm, much of the “advertising” so to speak, is generated from users discovering an organizations online content through things like mutual friends. In other words, unlike things such as TV ads, which are strategically placed (limiting the amount of spontaneous discovery possible) social media tactics offer a broader array of ways to market a brand, product or idea. Even so, like any other marketing strategy social media does have some weak point. Namely, social media is not an overnight marketing strategy. It typically takes time and momentum. Unlike placing a TV ad which can attract a slew of customers instantaneously, social media is also about networking, engaging, and building – rather than just selling.

To view the main article that this post was derived from Click here

Stan Schroeder Can Read Minds! Well mine at least…




Sccops Here. Mashable’s Stan Schroeder not only keeps me interested with his great blog posts, but he can apparently read minds too! Since last week some time, I have not been able to accomplish anything on Facebook. Many reports are coming out about the a cold and unresponsive Facebook. For the past three days I have been trying to upload a picture to the wall and no dice.

Facebook has not said anything on their blog about it…but certianly everyone else has felt the cold shoulder at some point lately.

Preach on Stan!

MiFi: the ultimate wifi sharing!

As I was surfing this morning, I ran into this: MiFi. WhatFi you ask? MiFi, offered by Verizon wireless, Fuses 3G cellular data with wireless WiFi router. Essentially, for all of the not-so-techie folks out the, Mifi means a small, lightweight, battery powered wireless device that can broadcast broadband internet to you and up to 4 friends in your immediate area (about 30 or 40 feet). So if your taking a family road trip and understand how nice it would be to enable the kids to have their own wireless internet lines (thus keeping the ambient noise to a minimum) you can probably appreciate the possibilities that this technology brings forth. For the techies out there who are wondering how this new device proves revolutionary, for one, although it does use the same technologies implemented in traditional WiFi routers, what it does create is the ability to build a full service, mobile work group. And at a pretty affordable price.


The MiFi retails for $99.99 after $50 mail-in rebate and Verizons monthly service is about $60. I think this new implementation of WiFi technology will prove highly useful to not only personal users, but businesses as well. Companies often have more than one employee traveling together, a situation where with MiFi, all of the employees could work together on internal projects in the same way that they would back in the office (accessing files on a central server). The same potential that computer servers offer corporate American, now exists with WiFi mobile broadcasting as well.

Ok, so I’ve given my 2 cents. What do you guys think to say about it? And more importantly, how can it help you or your business

And also, do the name “MiFi” work? I mean after all the whole concept is sharing WiFi with others, not mi!

Three Wolfs and a Moon..Oh My!

Scoops Here. I never thought that my social media highlight of the week would be about a t-shirt. I am actually disappointed because if this shirt can really get the ladies, then I want to see what awesome threads I can get to spark the attention of guys. If anything, I think this shirt would be perfect, wolves are cool.

capturedAll kidding aside, this just goes to show how social media can spark something even if it is worthless news story. Brian Govern’s cheeky review on Amazon has recieved over 750 comments and not to mention people are buying the shirt!

Just if you care, my dream guy would adorn a 3 ninja t-shirt. Ninjas are wayyy cooler.



I went to a minute ago to see this:


The biggest article on the home page of the newspaper’s website is about Facebook Icons? BFD! Is there nothing else going on it the world today? What icon should the social networking giant use to indicate that the user has gone through a divorce?

Is this a newsworthy story or is the Globe jumping on the same bandwagon that keeps pictures of Brad Pitt and Michelle Obama on all the magazine covers and what made Perez Hilton famous?

Is it a  wonder that the NYTimes was looking to drop these guys? If you were a newspaper in the process of making some big concessions that will result in less for employees and less for its readers, would your biggest story on your online product be about cartoon pictures on Facebook? Maybe they’d be better off to write a story on how a floundering newspaper might use social media to better engage their audience. How an online  news site might salvage some integrity by not writing about online  relationship statuses.

[ In my head I am doing this SNL skit with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehher.]


I expect more from the Globe than this. I expect that they wouldn’t resort to campy attention grabbing nonsense stories to engage their readers.

Then they turn to me and ask that I sell this product to my clients.