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Who says social media is cheap–Get Twtapps for $500,000!


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Twtapps is a true testament of the growing value of social media and the applications being developed for it. According to Read Write Web, Twtapps founder and developer Felipe Coimbra cited insufficient resources and in laymans terms he sick sick of coming up with more applications.

Currently, around 83,000 Twitter users have used at least one of the Twtapps to create polls, look for a job, organize an event, or create a Twitter-friendly digital business card–I should totally get a Scoops Kristin card! I digress, Twtpoll, is the largest Twitter poll and survey app, has recorded 1.6 million anonymous votes, says the app’s founder.

Coimbra has been working on the suite since January and values Twtapps at $500,000, based on his estimation of how much it would take for anyone to develop as many apps with as much traction, especially with the popular apps such as Twtpoll and Twtvite.

Looking forward, Coimbra plans to work on a real-time analytics tool with Twitter and Facebook integration. The app will act as a complement to Google Analytics or other non-real time analytics tools.

Do you think Twtapps is worth all that dough? Let me hear it!

Can’t Touch This!! Hammer and Social Media

If the Hammer – or MC Hammer, Stanley, whatever you call him these days – can teach us one thing: it’s not a how-to on personal finance… it’s not fashion… it’s persistence.  Persistence in marketing his brand and staying relevant. 
You may be saying, “What? That 1 or 2 hit wonder (don’t forget about 2 Legit to Quit and I can bet you have at least one song on your Ipod!), he’s washed up. Old news.”
But with just one look at his trademark pants, you think “Hammertime”. 
No one says, “What’s that guy’s name… he wore those crazy pants, danced around then went bankrupt?” No. You know him.  You start humming “Can’t touch this, oh ooooooohh oh oh” and maybe even shuffle side to side and drop your shoulders to the beat..oh, oh oh oh, next stop… Hammertime!  If you’re saying right now that you don’t like that tune, you’re lying.
He may not be on the cover of Us Weekly or on tmz daily, but you haven’t forgotten the Hammer.  He’s still around and he’s still trying.
Obviously, Hammer loves the attention, relishes the limelight, and gains personal satisfaction from his growing number of fans, thinking money or opportunities will follow.  He’s a living, tweeting brand reminder.  Hey, if half of his twitter followers, Facebook and MySpace friends watch his reality show, he’ll have another hit on his hands.  Go Hammer.

As the President gets back to work, I follow…


I’m pretty sure President Obama was reading national security briefings instead of sipping Pina Coladas poolside and reading Twilight, but at least the man got a much-needed vacation.  Sure, he played a few rounds of golf in between phone calls, took a bike ride (ahem without a helmet) and grabbed some ice cream with his daughters  before tackling the current health-care dilemma, but the man still got stuff done.   I enjoyed a working vacation too….well, less stress and more enjoyment for me than the President, but hey, I brought my laptop.
Not much is worse than that dull, gut-wringing feeling that appears on the eve of your vacations’ end.  Voice mails, emails, and new office drama eagerly awaits your arrival the next morning.  You try to push it from your head and enjoy the last hours of vacation but it persists, and slowly eats away at your care-free vacation mode and practicality returns.
But, in the era of iPhones, BlackBerries, and laptops that make it harder to relax and shut down for vacation — is that really a bad thing?  I’m not saying I put in tons of hours while away, but I could keep an eye on my email, hear from clients, and be forewarned of client problems or needs, making the transition back to the real world that much gentler. I’ll take checking in daily on vacation, rather than being blind-sided Monday morning. 
Bonus: it also kept my kids entertained while I watched the Red Sox (thanks Shark Tale DVD and Youtube) and my Mom too (thanks Nabisco Snacks for the plethora of games offered to shill your snacks).
Now I’m back…and it’s not so bad.

Shock Value of Advertising–Does it work?



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Do you ever see an ad and go “wow I can’t believe they did that!”? One of the most notorious users for this approach it PETA. Not shocking though, is another ad that PETA has recieved attention for recently.

A billboard suspended over Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, FL is causing more controversy.

It is part of a new campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals not out to Free Willy but telling people to stop eating so much and go veg.

Something you may not know about me is that I have been vegan for a year now–don’t judge me. Although killing animals could suck, I enjoy it for healthly diet.

With that aside, I would like to see if this type of shock value advertising that usually just makes people grab their pitchforks really actually has any effect. Like so many say any press whether good or bad is positive press. However, I do not see any person whether obese or not see this billboard and decide to drop the salisbury steak on their fork and go veg.

I think this type of advertising is great for conversation, but usually just that.

What do you think socialmedialites–does shock tactics work in advertising?



Scoops Giving More Props to Facebook…


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I am dedicating another post to Facebook. First being excited that they decided to fix up their events functionality, now they have finally made their well deserved mark on the Top 50 U.S. Web Properties list. For the first time, Facebook is in the Top 5 of comScore’s newly released Media Metrix rankings for the Top 50 U.S. Web Properties.

Every year there has been a recurrence of the usual suspects at the top of the list–Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL. This year, however, Facebook has made its way to the top from it’s 16th spot last year.

So large props to Facebook!

Finally Updates to Facebook Events!



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This is a very exciting update for Facebook and I thought I would share it with all my favorite socialmedialites out there. I am probably one of so many people who create events on Facebook and wonder–why doesn’t Facebook just let you take a list of invitees and transfer it over to another event?

With my tremendous ninja mind tricks, Facebook has listened and made some great updates to the Events functionality. Although not earthshaking. they have added a feature to where you can invite your weekly gathering to watch the Office to a block party this weekend. Still to see from Facebook is how far back it logs events, but it is a promising start.

Take it from someone who got an ergonomic mouse to offset the effects of over-clicking for invitees.

Thank you Facebook.



“Apple hates personality stuff and press intrusion. ‘We want to discourage profiles’. Strong words from an Apple PR. Apparently Apple didn’t want the Sunday Times to publish the 4000 word plus profile for the fact that it may reveal more about jobs past, present, and future than the company is willing to disclose.

I think Transparency is overwhelmingly important in a day when most of American’s financial powerhouses (GM, FORD, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) are proving to be less and less trustworthy with the future of our economy. Apple is no exception. Like the former mentioned, Apple has a ton of money, and therefore a ton of power in America. I think every good organization can attribute much of its success to good leadership. That said, Jobs has an obligation, by my standings, to show that he is an honest, trustworthy, ethical, real person, capable of sustaining the influential role he plays in the worlds technology society.

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Some Social Media Numbers


Here are a few fast Facts from the Intranet 2.0 Global Survey Report: Out of organizations who have began there social media endevors, 46% have spent $10,000 or less, 35% have spent between $10,000 and $100,00; and 19% have spent $100,000 or more.

Remember these numbers represent organizations of all sizes. The sample found that 61% have more than 1,000 employees; 32% have 6,000 or more employees; 39% have less than 1000 employees.

So what do these number tell us? Many of the large organizations have still managed to implement with a small financial investment to date.

Good Stuff!

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What the FK is social Media

This is a 2009 must have!

Ok I realize that maybe, just maybe, I’m a little over excited about 1 simple Slideshare presentation yet again covering the topic of social media. But this one is really good. It’s not so much about impressive numbers (although it does contain a number of them) but more about why social media works, why it is important, and ultimately why people are investing there hard earned money into it. It’s here. It’s the future. It’s Communications at its best. What is it? Social Media.

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Don’t Be Such A Wallflower!


Turns out, I’m a Twitter Wallflower. Seeing that, as stated before, I don’t invest nearly as much time into my twitter as Facebook, this is no surprise.
According to Mojo, their proven “scientific method” shows that, though I don’t tweet much, I do show the potential to be the life of the party!

See this Wallflower in action!