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Designers Dream Machine


We all know that Apple computers cannot be compared to as a graphic design tool. One thing that Apple has not done yet is dual screens on a laptop, but Lenovo did. They have introduced Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds. It may not have the sleek and elegant look of an Apple or HP but its functionality is amazing. Just imagine the possibilities, Creative suite on one screen, controls on the other, internet on one movie on the other. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. This notebook comes with 17” screen and additional 10.6” for the second one. It comes with all the bells and whistles as far as the processors, hard drives and memory go. Couple things that could improve down the line would be the weight and quality of a second screen, but for a first generation dual screens this better than great.

Currently it is selling for $3,663.00 which is a little pricy but worth it in many aspects.

 In my mind this notebook is a great step forward in the computer world as well as a Dream Machine for graphic designers. Do you think something like this could overtake the Giant Apple?

how to make a viral video

1 notorious politician + 1 socially unacceptable action + video camera

Here are two of this week’s examples:


and this one


Will start charging its readers?

The Providence Journal has made its articles available for free on since the site debuted in October 1996. However, according to the Providence Business News, readers will soon be required to pay for some of its stories. The Journal will soon begin selling an electronic edition that will be an exact digital replica of the newspaper.

With circulations declining, the changes for newspapers have been plentiful. The newspaper industry is undergoing a digital transformation and A.H. Belo, The Providence Journal’s parent company, is moving in this direction. The Dallas-based company recently announced it was exploring ways of charging for the content on its websites. John McKeon, president and general manager of The Dallas Morning News, A.H. Belo’s largest paper claims that “the introduction of The Journal’s e-edition will likely involve the limiting of some content on the general free website – specifically, unique content of value to people in Rhode Island.” Those articles “would only be available through a paid wall on an e-edition,” he said.

Not much as been stated on how much the digital edition would cost. A one-year subscription to The Journal’s print edition costs $416, compared with $806 for The Boston Globe or $770 for The New York Times.

The number of people using devices like Smartphones, Kindles, and iPads is continuing to increase. It’s because of these technologies that more and more readers are moving towards the digital editions of newspaper publications. They are easily accessible and readily available. Does this mean that readers will be willing to start paying for their news? Probably so. Readers see news as worth paying for. How do you read the news? Do you still pick up a paper on your way to the office? Or do you pick up your iPhone?

What happens to MySpace when bands move to Facebook?

This was my first thought after reading this Mashable blog post. We may be about to find out.  Check out RootMusic. According to their website “Finally Facebook had real bandpages.

One of Facebook‘s faults is the non-ability to share music. RootMusic bridges that gap, in a way that is better than MySpace‘s abilities. So cheers to you RootMusic, for putting one more nail in MySpace’s coffin.

American Idol and Social Media

Things are looking up after last night’s episode of American Idol. The talent is slowly starting to shine through. Viewers voted and four contestants were sent packing. John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamor, and Harley Vaughn were eliminated from the competition.

So what does American Idol and social media have to do with each other? This year American Idol has made headlines for pushing out individual Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts for each of its 24 finalists. However, the show recently made a drastic change in strategy by consolidating all of them under the AI9Contestants username across sites.

According to resources, Twitter followers of each of the individual contestants were sent a message explaining that from now on all updates will be posted on the Official AI9 Twitter Page, and fans can follow their favorite Idol contestants there. Similar messages were sent on Facebook and MySpace as well.

The Wall Street Journal and USA Today speculate that the move was likely made because of the tendency for social media site followers to reveal early favorites, influence voting, and possibly remove the suspense of American Idol’s ending results. A contestant with more Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and MySpace friends is likely to get more votes and thus would have a higher chance of winning the competition.

On the other hand, American Idol has made it impossible for contestants to develop important connections with their fan base, which is crucial to the business side of the industry. Viewers can no longer directly engage with their favorite contestants.  This change is sure to have an impact on the number of followers on these social networking sites. Will less people Twitter or post on Facebook  if they can’t talk to Crystal Bowersox or Alex Lambert personally??

Are you following your favorite Idol contestant via Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace? How has this change impacted your involvement on their pages? Tell us about it!

“Pants on the ground”

No, I’m not quoting the unforgettable American Idol contestant Larry Platt, with his original song “Pants on the ground, lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!”

According to MSNBC, a billboard poster for Akoo jeans in downtown Newark, New Jersey is what’s coming down. The ad shows a woman kneeling in front of a man and facing the camera. The man’s jeans are unbuckled, and the woman appears to be pulling them off.

The billboard, which is located over a busy intersection, is getting a lot of attention and seems to have sparked some criticism from local community members. Some proclaim that the billboard’s use of an image of a black woman in a sexually suggestive pose in a city that is predominately black is inappropriate. The city’s Mayor Cory A. Booker commented on the issue of community standards and that the billboard isn’t the only that thing they should be concern with.

Billboards have caused controversy in Newark before but whether or not it is taken down, it has already generated tremendous attention. Considering the fact that the advertisement is highly visible with regard to traffic and population, the ad has already made its impact.

(This is funny, check out Jimmy Fallon’s version of the song, “Pants on the Ground.”)

The Time is Now.

One of the top ten trends for 2010 is real-time web and it is expected to get even bigger and more essential to our online experience. It is being used in social networking, search, and news sites. It is the exploding number of live social activities online, from tweets to status updates on Facebook to the sharing of news, Web links, and videos.

New developments have come together to make the web more of a real-time experience. Google introduced its “Latest Results Box” which brings live updates from Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and more into your search results. This offers searching for and finding information online as it is produced. In addition, there are a growing number of mobile devices such as the iPhone with full web browsers that enable instant transmission of messages and data.

So what’s so great about it? With real-time web you can learn the latest trends and the most talked about topics. It is great for learning about what people are thinking and saying about any given topic. It offers lowered barriers to content creation and immediate feedback. It is essential for brands to stay tuned in on these new “live feeds” in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Many brands are already taking full advantage of monitoring what is being said about them, and proactively answering their customers. There is a great benefit to be gained from the real-time web and it can have a positive impact on your business.

Are you LinkedIn?

Social networking sites are on the raise.  Now that it has become essential to stay connected to not only friends and family but also business partners and associates, LinkedIn offers the best means for doing so. With over 55 million registered users worldwide, it allows you to maintain a list of contact details of people you know and trust in business. It is a useful tool for posting your resume or displaying projects. It also allows you to research companies with which you may be interested in working with.

LinkedIn is working on a new browse panel that allows you to browse connections by their current companies, locations and industries. In addition, it allows you to search connections by entering their first name, last name or current company. This new feature will also enable you to browse new connections and connections who may have recently added a new connection by using the Recent Activity filter in the browse panel.

By providing useful tools like this one, LinkedIn makes it easier to find the people you what and need to connect with. So if you’re not LinkedIn, sign up and get connected!