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The Things That Got Us Excited From South By Southwest 2013:

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences & Festivals that was held last week (March 8-17) in Austin, Texas, is an annual festival that hosts film, music and interactive technology. The music festival is one of the largest in the world featuring new artist, established artist and disc jockeys. The film category focuses on new directing talent with independent films as well as big-budget films. With the interactive technology conference, we see emerging technology from different entrepreneurs, which has earned SXSW the reputation of being a breeding ground for new ideas.

This year we’ve been waiting for “the next big thing” in social media, mobile apps and tech to emerge from the South by Southwest Interactive. Why you may ask? Well, some of the big powerhouses like Twitter and Foursquare came out of SXSW! This is a marketer’s fantasy land!

After much anticipation, we found that unfortunately there weren’t many new ready-to-launch so called “powerhouses” like we have seen in previous years. But don’t you fret! There are a bunch of interesting tech startups that are generating buzz, that have us excited!

First thing to excite us is Speakerfy, which is a social way to listen to music across devices. This app lets users wirelessly sync music between different internet-connected devices. It was actually a winner of the “Pitch Shaq” contest! This is a great app because not only does it allow users to link their playlists with others, but you can also sync up everyone’s smartphones, tablets and iPods to broadcast through the speakers! That comes in handy for a day at the beach or other gatherings where there isn’t an audio system.


The next thing that has us really excited is Hyperactive! This is smart, social promotions for brands. This is one of the best things to happen in marketing. Hyperactive’s “Hashtagart” application creates a real-time mosaic of avatar images collected from social networks every time a fan publishes a status with a client’s marketing message. This encourages people to share a brand’s marketing message in order to be included in the mosaic in a fun way. Also, the company says Hyperactive’s platform is able to measure the number of clicks and activations each social media message associated with a promotion generates. Now that’s smart marketing.

LeadRocket also caught our eye. This concept is basically a social tool for salespeople. It achieves this by improving the way business owners and their sales reps communicate with clients over social media. You are able to listen for feedback, monitor clicks and count page views for pages on your site that originated from those social media posts. This way you will know exactly when a customer engages with your tweet or Facebook post. Ding! Ding! Ding! This is a winner in my book!

Lastly, South by Southwest also featured great gadgets like Leap Motion’s motion controller, Ouya’s game console and Makerbot 3-D printer. We are eager for the future releases and marketing campaigns for those products as well! All in all, SXSW 2013 was another success for new interactive technology and social media and we can’t wait to see what SXSW Spring 2014 has in store for us next year! Be sure to check out the links of these new technologies to be just as amazed as we were.



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What Do Your “Likes” Say About You?

According to the AP (London) wire, a recent study worked on in part by Cambridge University researcher David Stillwell says clicking the thumb might say more about you than you want people to know.

Facebook says 2.7 million likes are clicked everyday and almost 60,000 US Americans agreed to allow their likes to be accessed and studied.  The study determined Facebook likes could point to gender, age, ethnicity, IQ, religion, politics and more. The likes also linked to relationship status, number of Facebook friends, and even pointed to half a dozen different personality traits.

There are ways to make your “Likes” private, even beyond the reach of advertisers and marketers, so make sure if you want to keep this data to yourself, you learn all you can about your Facebook Privacy settings.

Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials of 2013


We all know that as New Englanders the Super Bowl XLVII was not nearly as exciting without our beloved Patriots. As I am sure most of you can agree, the hype and excitement was definitely all about the commercials. Okay, okay and the Super Bowl parties and of course beer drinking but for purposes of this post let’s go with the commercials. Here is a list of some of our favorite Super Bowl ads of 2013.

We couldn’t help notice that there seemed to be a theme with some of our favorite ads this year. Instead of the usual funny commercials that make us laugh, a couple mentionable ads went a more serious and emotional route.



Our First favorite ad that seemed to make quite the impression is hands down Clydesdale “Brotherhood” by Budweiser. Can you say tear jerker! Honest question guys, how many of you men out there teared up after viewing this ad? We know we sure did. In case you were too busy stuffing your face with chicken wings or chugging your beer and missed the ad, the tale was about a trainer and the bond he shares with the Clydesdale he raises who he later reunites with.

Our second favorite ad also drew a lot of emotion from viewers. Dodge Ram’s “God Made a Farmer” ad was quite captivating with the voice over of the late radio host Paul Harvey. This ad made you stop what you were doing and drew you in. It made me wonder where this ad was going. The only criticism I can say is two minutes for an ad is a little bit of an over kill.

Audi’s commercial “Prom” pulled at emotions by showing a teenage boy going to prom alone. His sympathetic dad lends him his brand new Audi S6 for the night. At the end of the commercial I was cheering for the teen when he kisses the pretty prom queen. Bravery at its finest folks.

When it comes to my favorite commercials that made me chuckle, Doritos toped my list.

Doritos “Goat 4 Sale” is just plain out there. A bearded man and a goat for sale that both love Doritos seems like a match made in heaven right? WRONG! Who knew a screaming goat could make us LOL (Laugh out loud).


fashionista daddy

Doritos “Fashionista Daddy” was adorable and humorous all wrapped up into one. The little girl bribing her dad to play princesses with her by using Doritos made me question where this ad would go. When the dad’s football friends walk in and witness their buddy all dressed up I knew right then and there this would be good. Dad’s out there don’t lie I’m sure you all would have done the same.

At the bottom of my favorites list was Taco Bell’s “Viva Young”. Let’s face it, anything with old men and woman acting out of the norm and running wild is hilarious, at least to people who have a sense of humor. Despite the catchy song being in Spanish, it didn’t disappoint. The one thing I can take away from this video is the inspiration that getting old really isn’t as bad when you can run wild.






Author: Courtney Fabiano

Facebook in the Hot Seat Again

Nowadays, it seems that Facebook can’t seem to distance itself from controversy surrounding modifications and enhancements to its social media service. In recent news, executives have implemented a monetary fee for persons who wish to direct message fellow users who are not considered their “friends” on Facebook. For example, an Average Joe who attempts to message Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, would receive the following response; “You aren’t connected to Mark on Facebook, so your message would normally get filtered to his other folder.” You are then prompted with two options: send the message directly to his inbox for $100 or send the message to his “other” folder.

According to a Facebook statement, these fees have been implemented in an attempt to gauge filtration of spam to user in-boxes.  In addition, this monetary enhancement is a potential revenue stream for the company as they expand in the market place. With this in mind, you certainly can’t blame Facebook execs for finding new ways to secure solid cash flow; however, how much is this idea really worth?

In the wake of recent claims that Facebook is scouting new revenue streams to appease wary investors, one has to wonder where the company’s true focus lies. Yes, happy investors = solid financial backing, but what’s the sense if you’re pissing off your core user base with highfalutin fees? Moreover, you also have to wonder, does this idea even make any sense? Realistically, this fee only guarantees that the message will be sent to a user’s in-box; there’s no telling if the recipient will even respond to your message.  So, what’s the point?

Do Facebook execs think that they can literally buy our need for communication? A few ads and sponsored posts on our home pages are tolerable. This latest attempt stoops to an all time low for gains and profits at the expense of our natural need to communicate.


New Kid-Friendly Cell Phone Squeakin’ to a Store Near You!

Panicking over what to buy your little tot for the holidays? Check out the new Pipsqueak cell phone, offered by Yip Yap. Developed by an innovative husband and wife duo, the cell phone operates through mommy and daddy’s grown up Bluetooth connection, receiving rerouted incoming calls from select phone numbers. Lucky for mom and dad, there are no contracts or fees associated with owning the phone.

This inventive little toy was designed in the hopes of sparing parents the costly damage following their child’s mishap with their smartphones Although it may be hard for any little tike to let go of a cool touch screen, the Pipsqueak comes chock full of engaging features including a MP3 player, walkie-talkie capabilities, and a voice recorder. This is not to mention the variety of vibrant phone cases and a charging station that will have any three-year-old ready to start their own company.

Although the phone is not in stores as yet, you not only have the opportunity to buy the phone for your child, but also to invest in the future of the toy’s market success. Husband and wife team, Michael and Angela Smith debuted Pipsqueak on Kickstarter, a funding platform where patrons can invest money towards sending creative projects to market. If you’re interested in the product, you can donate at different dollar levels in exchange for bundle sets that include the phone, varied cases, a headset and charger. For example, at the $50 pledge level, you can obtain the phone, a limited edition faceplate, a wall/vehicle/USB charger, and fun stickers to decorate the phone. Donations currently stand at $11,419, with a goal of $187, 545 to reach by November 30th at 11PM.

Now there are probably some of you think that this product is asinine, giving your children an open chance to grow up faster than they should; however, I beg you to consider a different perspective. In our constantly evolving world, where technology becomes obsolete in a matter of months, you may be robbing your child of a head start in our hyper-connective society.  This is not to mention that your tot will surely develop their social and cognitive skills by using this product, whether they’re talking to their imaginary friend Henry or Nana Gabby out in California. If you’d like to take a gander at investing in your child’s development, I’d suggest that you check out the Pipsqueak Kickstarter page and pledge your support to giving another child that very same chance.

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