Author: Dayo Ajayi

iPad Mini’s Anticipated Release- Apple’s Savior?

Rumors are circulating that Apple is about to reveal its newest tech gadget, the iPad mini. The iPad mini will be closer to (but still larger than) the Kindle Fire in size and is likely to sell for an amount in the $199-$299 range. Of course, Apple has not made public any official statements, just a strategically placed leak here or there, but the iPad mini is expected to hit the stores sometime before the Holidays. adding to the growing list of affordable cool technology gift options.

Although Apple has steadily been on a valuation incline this year, as of Tuesday October 9, 2012, Apple stock had decreased by 10 percent. Hopefuls look to the release of the iPad mini to turn things around. According to the Wall Street Journal over 10 million units of the iPad mini have already been ordered. The iPhone 5 and the speculated iPad mini are two of the products unveiled since the death of Apples co-founder Steve Jobs. Since his death the company has tried to live up to the image that the icon once spectacularly portrayed. Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO has had the tough task of trying to integrate his personality into the company. The release of the iPad mini will be one of his first steps. What do you think of the iPad mini?

There’s a New Station in Town

Are you fatigued with mainstream radio and listening to the same playlist again and again? Last month, launched RadioBDC, an Internet station that showcases the best of the alternative genre 24/7.

The station features DJs from the recently departed 101.7 FM WFNX Boston (the East Coast’s first alternative station,) which was sold to Clear Channel. The closure of 101.7 FM WFNX was the latest in a series of dramatic changes that the Boston radio landscape has undergone. Other significant developments have included:

• Contemporary adult station WBMX moving from 98.5 to 104.1, replacing legendary “The Rock of Boston” 104.1 WBCN and making room for 98.5 The Sports Hub
• ClearChannel’s launch of Matty’s Comedy 1200 AM in August
• A Top 40 station AMP 103.3 in lieu of Oldies 103.3 in June
• The introduction of new variety station 101.7 The Harbor in July
• An 93.7 FM outlet for Boston sports radio WEEI in lieu of adult hits station Mike 93.7 last year

Listen to RadioBDC at work and help support undiscovered talent! Best of all, it’s absolutely free! Now available at the iTunes Store.

Apple Announces Release of the iPhone 5

In San Francisco today, Apple held an event announcing its release of the next generation iPhone, confirming its name, the iPhone 5. Controversy over the 5th generation iPhone being called a 4S rather than a 5 created quite a stir with techies from all over, almost guaranteeing that the next generation iPhone would follow suit.

The iPhone 5, as described by Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will feature:
• Taller 4 inch screen
• Added 5th row of apps
• Thinner (18%) & Lighter (20%) than 4S
• Made entirely of Aluminum & Glass
• 16:9 aspect ratio (like HD video) and 1136×640 pixels

After last year’s release of the iPhone 4S, Apple lovers have been anxiously waiting the arrival of the iPhone 5, which is scheduled to begin shipping September 21st, along with the new iPhone Touch and iPod Nano. It will be 4G LTE capable and will no longer work with Google Inc. services, choosing to use its own instead when it updates its software as planned.

In expectation of the iPhone craze, many competing phone companies like Nokia and Samsung have been announcing the release of several new smartphones. Phones, like the Galaxy S III, that have been available for months already offer the same upgrades and features as the iPhone 5. However, the demand of the iPhone 5 is higher than any of its predecessors. It seems that people are following the simple idea of once an iPhone, always an iPhone.

Social Communication for Your Business: Jump on the Pinterest Brand Wagon

The benefits of social media for businesses are practically endless.  Here is a list of reasons why your company- big or small- should be on Pinterest.

1. Build traffic to your websiteShareaholic, a third party measurement company, recently found that Pinterest drove more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.  When you pin a picture, it provides a direct link back to the website that you got it from.

2. Recruit Employees.  With many online classified websites charging for recruitment ads, your company can recruit using Pinterest by creating a board for the job, which is free!  The New Traditionalists, a furniture company out of New York, currently has a board called “HELP WANTED!”  They are creatively searching for a Client Services Superstar.

3. Engage customers.  The more your company engages with customers, the better.  Some ideas that companies have used include having contests for the best pin board about why a user loves your company, or have customers pin pictures of them using your product.  Familiarize your customers with the company by putting up a board of executives or from the company Christmas party.  Southwest Airlines’ Pinterest page dedicated to employees and day to day activities, including a photo of CEO Gary Kelly.

4. Emphasize your brand.  If you do a lot of work with charities, pin pictures from events or anything related to the work and donations your company has done.

5.Visualize your data!  An infograph is a visual representation of information or data.  Is your company the number 1 in your industry?  Illustrate it!

6. And what do these things generate?  More sales.  Sales are obviously huge to a business.  According to a case study by online boutique on, Pinterest users not only spent double what Facebook users were spending ($180 from Pinterest vs. $85 from Facebook), but Pinterest also influenced 10% of transactions, while Facebook influenced 7%.

How to be a Hit on Instagram

Attention all iPhone and Android users:

If you haven’t made an account on Instagram, then you probably should, especially if you love photos. That’s what Instagram is all about, sharing photos. You may be groaning about another social media website and more photo sharing, but what makes Instagram so special is that you can apply filters to those photos. Facebook sure thinks it’s special because Instagram was recently purchased by the social media giant for $1 billion.

The photo sharing app has exploded recently and people are all over it. But what is it about Instagram that makes it so interesting? Well, the photos themselves are interesting. They tell a story. Instagram’s main method of communication is sharing photos, so people post the best photos they have for the day. For example, celebrities like @Rihanna and @justinbieber will post:

– A photo that tells a story.
– A picture with a new article of clothing.
– A picture of you lounging at home.

Celebrities like Drake and Taylor Swift, among others, post pictures of their work, behind the scenes, and some photos from their daily life. This shows that they are people above all else. In common with people, brand pages can:

– Post pictures of their location. Burberry, “A 156 year-old global brand with distinctly British attitude”, has pictures of a London sunset.
– Post pictures pictures of events. Burberry has a few photos about an event in Taipei, while Urban Outfitters had a nail art event.
– Post pictures of special deals. Urban Outfitters has a photo promoting a giant Vans shoe giveaway.

There are certainly various ways to gain followers, but some of those ideas can certainly help. Most importantly, keep things interesting.

And I know you’re asking yourself, “Who’s that male model in the Instagrammed photo above?” Ehh, just some guy.

Facebook Offers an “Offers” Tab

On somewhat of a limited basis, Facebook is unveiling their new ‘offers’ tab. Offers are free for administrators to create and share but are only available to a small number of local business pages. Offers are a great way to drive new people to your business and to engage your customers. They also encourage people to talk about your page when your offers are shared between friends.

With the new ‘offers’ option, businesses will have the ability to promote special deals to those who like their Facebook page.
Facebook gives you the ability to customize the offer any way you’d like:
• Upload a picture of product (FB recommends using people using the product as picture)
• Craft a headline specifying the deal (ex. Spend $50 and get $10 off)
• Decide number of claims (unlimited, first 500 people to claim, etc.)
• When the deal expires
• Craft precise terms & conditions (ex. Limit four per customer)

The ‘offers’ option for businesses will allow them to strategically drive traffic to their retail locations as well as increase that business’ social media presence.
To redeem the deals, Facebook users can either print out the e-mailed version of the deal or show they redeemed it to employees straight from their smart phone.

Facebook plans to launch offers more broadly soon.